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Sometimes I play video games.
Rob Harris

Video game designers have been struggling with the question of how to cross the uncanny valley for years now, but the team behind Hellblade might've finally come up with a revolutionary solution.

Using real time rendering, Hellblade's designers are able to record an actor's performance, replicating their same minute facial expressions on a video game character's face. The impressive effect can be done live and produces one of the most lifelike digital humans ever conceived. Check it out below:

The technology is being used to develop the full game, which follows a Celtic warrior named Senua, who's on a quest to the Viking heartland. Along the way she'll struggle with ferocious beasts, harsh environments and hallucinations, her face contorting in all manner of realistic ways in response.

The live performance capture technology at work could legitimately change our relationship to games and their ever more lifelike characters. That uncanny valley is closing up by the day.

Are you not impressed?


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