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In the tradition of such movies as The Shining, The Thing and Re-Animator! comes a Horror treat that'll make you scream with laughter.

I'm often watching Horror - wait that's wrong - i'm ALWAYS watching Horror lol.

So when i came across this short film unexpectedly i had to share it with Fellow Horror fiends like YOU!.....not you, that guy standing behind you with the knife.

Gotta love the retro style!
Gotta love the retro style!

Created by Infested Films and shared on their official YouTube channel: Infested TV

Here's the Plot:

'The Shed' tells the tale of a happy couple, Peter and Susan, having to deal with the stress of a new roommate, Donald, a strange young man with a dark secret.

Why is he so nice? And what exactly is he keeping in the shed?

Obsessed with a shed? or what's in it??
Obsessed with a shed? or what's in it??

It's a fun monster mash with an 80's retro feel to it and shot well for a supposedly no budget production.

There's visual nods to The Thing and The Shining most prominently, however it also has some similarities to a zany 80's movie Terror Vision (but if you haven't seen that then i haven't spoiled this for you).


So if that's wet your appetite, see the full shortfilm below and be sure to drop them a Like on YouTube.

Go on, it'll inspire them to get on with a follow up.


Official You-Tube: MattLoftus85

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