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Tim Horton

Darth Vader is about to unleash all kinds of dark side hell in the wastelands of Boston. This isn’t the first time Star Wars has come to Fallout 4 but I guarantee you will never have seen anything quite like this before.

This latest video from YouTuber Cosmic takes ‘franchise splice’ to another level – it feels like a combination of all the most epic battles from the Star Wars universe all squeezed into one nightmarish 20 minutes.

Cosmic uses Liberty Primes to replicate the AT-AT’s and paints all the power armour white to replicate the Storm trooper armour – it doesn’t look half bad.

The video starts with a load of storm troopers taking on the Fallout rebel scum - we then see the introduction of the mighty AT-AT substitute waging a ferocious war with a small army of rebel soldiers.

The rebels surprisingly succeed in taking down a Liberty Prime which catches the eye of big man Vader – not a good idea. Vader wades in a sweeps aside dozens of fighters at a time, the character is simulated perfectly complete with light sabre and cape.

After ripping the ass out of the rebel alliance, Vader is met with a foe more worthy of his abilities. Luke has arrived!

The two duke it out up on the Prydwen and sticking with the classic Star Wars theme it isn’t long until someone loses an appendage. Take a look to see how it ends.

Fallout 4 has just launched its latest DLC Automatron. In Automatron, a new mystery character called the Mechanist is building and releasing a whole host of all new extremely evil robots. These new mechanical monsters will be unlike anything else you would have ever seen before in Fallout 4. Available to download now.


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