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So one of my first articles when I started writing for Moviepilot last year was all about how Marvel could make a push back in to the gaming industry. Seeing as it's about one year later and we STILL don't have any fantastic Marvel games, I've decided to put together a little list to maybe get their creative wheels turning again. Before we get started, no, you won't see Spider-Man on this list. I'm talking heroes brand new to the medium, and also focusing on heroes that Marvel itself has the rights to. These are my top five picks for a Marvel video game.

Honorable Mentions: Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan), Nova, She-Hulk, Black Widow, Thor, Iron Fist

5. Daredevil

Matt is an easy choice. His interesting and useful powers are simple enough that they could fit right in to an open world game, and would function similar to Batman's Detective Vision in the Arkham series. Daredevil is a fantastic martial artist, and his billy club/grappling hook/staff/cane would make for truly interesting combat. Murdock's law career could make for some interesting variety in story and possibly even gameplay, if done correctly.

4. Ant-Man

Let's face it: a game where you could shrink down to the size of an ant and punch out guys who look like skyscrapers would be pretty awesome. So would a game where you could grow to the size of a skyscraper and take down guys who look like ants. An Ant-Man game would allow you to do both. Add in some villains (maybe Yellowjacket), a story filled with infiltration and heists, and an open city to explore, and you've got a damn fun game.

3. The Punisher

A first- or third-person shooter would definitely be an interesting move for Marvel, but the Punisher is an easy choice were they to do so. The player could fight through levels against drug cartels and gangs, and possibly flashbacks to Castle's time in the Marine Corps. A multiplayer mode could consist of modes like vigilantes vs gangs, or tank modes where one player, as Castle, takes on a team of weaker enemy players.

2. Doctor Strange

Is there anyone out there who wouldn't want near-infinite mystical power at their fingertips? No? Well, you know exactly why I've picked Stephen Strange. Not only is his power set absolutely awesome, a truly memorable and intriguing RPG could be built around him. Players could upgrade numerous abilities and face off against all sorts of enemies, from everyday hoodlums to magicians and demons. A final battle against the likes of Dormammu or Mephisto would be epic, and beautifully animated spells and environments could make an absolutely incredible game.

1. Iron Man

Billionaire, playboy, superhero. Dozens of suits, technological genius, name plastered on every building he owns. No, I'm not talking about Bruce Wayne. Much like Batman, Iron Man lends himself well to open-world tactical gameplay. With dozens of suits and hundreds of potential in-game upgrades and a power set that slides just barely in to "doable", Iron Man could easily be the most fun you could have as a superhero. The game could be set on either coast, and Stark could fight everything from military forces to Extremis-powered terrorists. Combine that with an excellent story and fine-tuned flight mechanics, and I'd probably never stop playing.


Who would you like to see in their own game?


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