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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is entering its third phase this May with the release of Captain America: Civil War, a phase that certainly won't be its last. As Marvel begins to plan for more and more phases, they're going to be introducing a ton of new characters into the MCU.

While it's obvious that we're going to start to see some fresh faces enter the MCU soon, I highly doubt that Marvel will delve into their more obscure comic book titles for new heroes and villains to bring to the screen. At least, I did doubt it, until the news dropped that Marvel may be developing a TV series centered around... Captain Britain.

Talk about really digging into the archives! Not a lot of people have even heard of Captain Britain, and those who do probably think he's some sort of SNL parody of Captain America! I mean, he's so obscure that I haven't even heard Captain Britain, and I can tell you all about the strange history of Matter Eater Lad!

But this isn't the roast of Captain Britain, we're here to learn. Learn what you may ask? Learn all about Britain's number one soldier of course! After all, if we really are going to be getting a TV series based off of him, it's best to go in knowing what to expect. So together, let's take a look at the not-at-all-Captain-America-ripoff, Captain Britain!

He's Not Actually A Captain America Copy!

First and foremost, no, Captain Britain is not just a British Steve Rogers. Though he was created for that reason at first, the characters are actually drastically different, sharing only a few qualities. For one thing, both started off as weak and shy characters, who didn't seem fit to soldiers, let alone superheroes.

Both of them were also given the chance to change their life and become the hero they always wanted to be. But whereas Steve Rogers joined the war and became a test subject for the Super-Soldier serum, Brian Braddock became Captain Britain by getting in an accident and coming face-to-face with Merlyn.

Yes, THAT Merlyn, master magician and all-powerful wizard...or something like that. Like Loki, Thor and Death, every comic book universe has a Merlyn. Marvel's just so happened to look like Raiden from the Mortal Kombat movie!

After a terrible motorcycle accident, an injured Braddock is met by Merlyn and his daughter Roma. The two offer Brain one of two mystical weapons, the Sword of Might or the Amulet of Right (the Knick-Knack of Trite was taken). Brian takes the amulet, which transforms him into Captain Britain! So even though they have a similar name and share some qualities, Britain and America don't have much in common. In fact...

He's Got More In Common With The Green Lantern!

Captain Britain may not share a whole lot with Captain America, but his story's a little similar to that of Green Lantern's! See, after becoming the patriotic upholder of British law, Brian Braddock found out that he's not the only one out there who Merlyn has employed.

As it turns out, Captain Britain isn't even the only Captain Britain! It's explained that Braddock is a member of large inter-dimensional group known as the Captain Britain Corp. The CBC is made up of Captain Britain's from across several different dimensions, all of which protect their version of the UK.

Like Hal Jordan, Brian Braddock was presented with an object that transformed him into a powerful being so he could protect his home. The CBC is even very similar to the Green Lantern Corp., they both feature several Green Lanterns all tasked with protecting their home. Though the CBC is inter-dimensional, and the GLC (to my knowledge) is not. It's also worth mentioning that other heroes have had their own "Corp." before, including Spider-Man, Deadpool, and even Captain America!

His Parents Were Killed By A Marvel Villain!

Like ALL the superheroes, Captain Britain's parents were tragically killed by a criminal. And like ALL the comic book scientists (or at least the one's who aren't also superheroes), they created the thing that killed them in the first place. The villain, known as Mastermind, is an android with the powers of super-strength, mind control and holographic projection. The holograms he projects can take on any form, and become solid and sentient, allowing him to create an army.

After killing Braddock's parents, Mastermind spent most of his robotic life trying to kill and manipulate Captain Britain and the other Braddock children. Wait, OTHER children?!

He's Related To Psylocke!

Fans of Psylocke might have already noticed something familiar about Captain Britain's real name. That's because Psylocke's real name is Elizabeth Braddock! That's right, Brian Braddock is the brother of Psylocke. In fact, they're fraternal twins!

Not too many people know that Psylocke started off as Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock, a charter pilot, and eventual replacement Captain Britain after Brian stepped down.

The Captain Britain series established her psychic powers, but they were never really explained until she appeared in the X-Men titles. It also revealed the origins of her unique hair, which she dyed violet after originally being blonde.

Brian and Elizabeth are also related to another mutant, James "Jamie" Braddock Jr.

Jamie is a super-villain with the ability to warp reality. He's also got extreme schizophrenia, which makes him believe that reality exists only in his dreams. He also looks like Captain Hook if he decided to live in the jungle like Tarzan. That's not a fact, that's just my opinion. You can't un-see it now though, can you?

He's Been A Member Of Quite A Few Large Marvel Teams!


Even though Captain Britain is a pretty obscure character, he's been side-by-side with a handful of famous Marvel heroes. Brian Braddock has been a member of the illuminati, the Secret Avengers, and even participated in the Marvel Civil War!

Braddock has also aided MI-13, the British Government, and has been a reserve member of The Avengers; before becoming a full-fledged member later on. His two most notable teams however, are Excalibur and the Brian Braddock Academy.

The Brian Braddock Academy
The Brian Braddock Academy

Excalibur is basically a new form of The X-Men, after the original team was assumed dead. It consisted of the heroes Captain Britain, Meggan, Nightcrawler, Rachel Summers and Shadowcat.

The Braddock academy is exactly as it sounds. Akin to that of the Avengers Academy and Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters, the Braddock Academy is run by Braddock, who trains young heroes so that they can become the next generation of Britain's heroic protectors!

So now you know a little more about Captain Britain, the UK's number one mystical crime-fighter! Regardless of if the TV rumors are true or not, I'm still definitely checking out the Captain Britain comics!

What about you? Is Captain Britain something you'd read? Sound off in the comments below!

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