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Fresh from a MONTH long hiatus I was looking forward to this ep of The Flash. We see our heroes at a huge chasm overlooking a waterfall. The plan is for Barry to super speed his way from one end of the gorge to the other, which will require more speed than he's ever been able to muster before. Barry is determined to do it, knowing that he needs to build his speed up to challenge Zoom on Earth 2. He fails, but is saved in a net flown by Cisco's drones-cute.

The crew decides the best way to start fresh is to go clubbing and blow off some steam. Harrison grudgingly allows daughter Jesse to go, but not until she wears a meta-human detector bracelet. Off to the club!

Barry and Iris wax about future marriage and their Earth 2 counterparts, and we get to see some hilarious geek dance by Cisco, who is clearly the best comic relief on ANY show going. Wally shows up for a glorified cameo, and Jesse's bracelet goes off - does this mean Wally is a meta? Seems so, because he disappears from the ep and never returns. He was only there as a device to advance the plot for a later day - lazy.

Just as Barry and Iris get wistful a red streak flies through the club, stealing every valuable in the place. Barry gives chase but can't catch the villain. Do we have another speedster? Yes we do!

The next day at Iris' paper her boss Scott is intent on blaming The Flash for the series of robberies from the night before. Iris knows better, but can't tell her boss the truth. She suggests coffee at CC Jitters to talk about it. It is at the coffee shop we see that Scott has the hots for Iris, which totally catches her off guard. Awkward!

Back at Star Labs Barry learns of the V-9 drug that Jay from Earth 2 took to increase his speed. Barry is pissed and doesn't hear Caitlin's warning about V-9 being toxic and deadly to anyone that takes it. During the discussion Cisco touches Cait and Vibes Zoom! Not good.

Just then the meta detector sounds, and Barry pursues the new speedster through town. He catches the speedster for a second but can't keep up. That's when we see who it is -and it's a girl!

courtesy CW
courtesy CW

Turns out the speedster is Eliza Hartman, a colleague of Cait from Mercury Labs. She was able to synthesize the V-9 herself and decided to take the shortcut to reach her goals, the consequences be damned. One of those being a split personality - Eliza and her speedster name Trajectory.

Barry, determined to use whatever means necessary, steals the last vial of V-9 and intends to take it so he can combat Trajectory and Zoom. Harry confronts Barry and urges him not to use shortcuts because that makes him no better than the villains. Barry reluctantly agrees and breaks the vial on the lab floor.

Just then Trajectory flies into the lab and holds the crew at gunpoint, demanding more V-9.

courtesy CW
courtesy CW

Wells, in a desperate attempt to save Jesse, makes more V-9 and gives it to Trajectory. She doesn't trust Wells, and injects Jesse with a dose of V-9 before she zips out. Jesse collapses and foams at the mouth. The crew freaks. Jesse is saved by plasmapheresis (see what you can learn from watching House!) switching her infected blood with fresh blood.

Soon after Trajectory is back at it, and Barry is on the case. By trying really, really, REALLY hard he finally catches her. Barry tries to talk Trajectory out of using the V-9 that is killing her, but being the addict that she is it falls on deaf ears. So she takes one more injection and off she flies again, faster and faster until she begins to turn from red to blue - and the disintegrates! Nothing left but the suit.

Next day at the paper Iris drops the cover story on Scott's desk, and basically says that she's up to date - the ball is in his court now. Two things here - the characters clearly have ZERO chemistry. It seems like a forced soap opera style gimmick just to delay any Barry/Iris romance. Secondly, on Earth 2 and on the Earth 1 future timeline Barry and Iris are clearly in love and married. I've seen enough time travel story lines to suggest that their love is a 'fixed event' that can't and won't be changed. Just let them get together already!

Wells is happy that Jesse is saved, that is until he finds a recording from Jesse that is a goodbye note. She tells Wells that she needs to go out in the world and live her life, so don't bother looking for her. And just like that she's on a bus to Opal City. So was she just another disposable character? A device to advance the plot? Will she be back? Who knows?

Now the big reveal. Cisco tells the crew that he's been Vibe-ing Zoom the last few days, every time he is near Jay's helmet. Barry breaks the case holding Jay's helmet and hands it to Cisco. Cisco Vibes Zoom again, who is surrounded by blue lightning like Trajectory. Off comes the cowl and we see that it's Jay! Cisco tells the gang that Jay is Zoom, and that the reason he's faster than Barry is because he's taking V-9! And that Zoom needs Barry's speed to save his life. The gang is emotionally devastated, and Barry speeds off to the gorge - screaming in rage at the sky.

So is the V-9 going to ultimately kill Jay? Does he have a split personality a la Trajectory? What will Barry have to do to save Jay/vanquish Zoom?

Funniest moment: Jesse, who is from Earth 2, watching a news report about Beyonce's new album. She looks confused and says, 'Do they mean Senator Knowles?'.

Oh, and next week, Supergirl/Flash crossover! YES!


Is Zoom doomed?


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