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Take A Look At The Deleted Scene Images From 'The Force Awakens'

With the film being so close to being released on DVD & Blu-Ray, we're being treated early as to what to expect on the special features. Entertainment Weekly took a closer look at some of the deleted scenes that will be part of the special features and have released some images of what is coming.

To no-ones surprise we'll see more of John Boyega's Finn, whose moral dilemma and subsequent decision to join the Resistance powered a big chunk of the film's drama. One little snipped scene from 'The Force Awakens' we shall see him and Jakku making a decision that will help his choice to leave his first order life behind.

Something else that could be featured - Han Solo, Finn and Chewie getting into a spot of trouble with first order troopers when attacking Maz Katanas' stroghold. Having little experience talking his way out of the scrapes full of Stormtroopers, Han Solo will try his luck at that particular trick that could succeed.

Last but not least, Adam Driver's Kylo Ren will lead a squad which will investigate the crashed Millennium Falcom. Given what we learned in the film about him, this must stir a lot of powerful memories!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is released digitally in the US on April 1 and then Blu-ray/DVD April 5. Whereas inn the UK, the digital date is April 11 and the Blu-ray/DVD lands April 18.


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