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I want to start this article out by personally thanking Dana Abeln, and the rest of the staff at MoviePilot for giving me the opportunity to go to Horrorhound 2016 in Cincinnati, OH.

I attended the Horrorhound convention in Cincinnati on March 19th, along with so many other people that a record was actually broken. The attendance was actually so impressive that the Horrorhound convention is officially the biggest horror specific convention in existence!

If you read my previous article, previewing the event, you'd know that I was incredibly excited for the event and was looking forward to the panels and opportunity to meet more hardcore horror fans.

After what was an incredibly long line, I confirmed my will call tickets and walked into the Sharonville Convention Center. Within mere minutes I was absolutely blown away with not only the scale of the event but also the sheer number of awesome things to see and do.

First off, the main floor of the event is hundreds of booths selling everything from limited edition action figures to one of a kind horror related art. What's interesting about this merchandise section is the pricing; I came with no expectation of buying anything due to my assumption that prices would be incredibly high. I couldn't have been more wrong. There were more than enough booths with original art, and screen printed t-shirts for more than responsible prices. For example, I happened to have $20 in cash on me along side my cards; With just the cash, my wife and I left with a screen printed t-shirt of the "Stab" movie poster, (The movie inside a movie, from Scream) An 11x17 portrait style art piece of Jason Voorhees, and two more pieces of art of "Frankenstein's Monster" and "The Bride of Frankenstein."

Once you leave the main merchandising area, you quickly run into the autograph and photo-op area for all the celebrity guests. Speaking of celebrity guests, most of the individuals there to sign autographs and take pictures for fans are incredibly kind and roam the floor with their free time. If photo-ops and signings are for you, there were dozens of people to meet and all the lines seemed fairly reasonable. (I actually ran into Jon Bernthal so casually I didn't know it was him until later in the day when I saw a picture of how he was dressed that day.)

If meeting celebrities and stocking up on horror merch isn't your thing, maybe panels are! During the 3 day convention, numerous panels take place and across the street in an adjacent hotel there are actually screenings for films being featured through the Horrorhound film fest. (Which sadly I missed)

My wife and I did make it to two panels in particular, The horror host hall of fame and the Friday the 13th: The Final Friday panel. The horror host hall of fame panel started with the announcement of a new display at the famous nightmare gallery in Salem, Massachusetts. This exhibit will feature props and plaques commemorating famous horror hosts throughout history. Speaking of famous horror hosts, although Elvira (Cassandra Peterson) was inducted into the hall of fame 4 years ago, she was presented with a life time achievement award on Saturday. (which you can watch in my vlog below!)

Directly following the horror host hall of fame event was the Friday the 13th: The Final Friday panel, which as a huge Jason Voorhees fan (I've got the mask tattooed on me) was what I was looking forward to the most. Ted White, Erich and Judie Anderson, and Kane Hodder were the stars on this panel. Ted and Kane have both portrayed Jason in the films and both had great stories to tell. The panel is supposedly Ted's last one (At 90 he's ready to be done but the fans don't quite believe him), and mainly consisted of him telling old Hollywood stories but still remained interesting especially after the audience was invited to ask questions. Overall this panel was incredible and if you ever get a chance to hear Kane talk about his love of playing Jason in public, Please take it!

In the end, I can't recommend Horrorhound enough, If you're ever in the area during the event please check it out!

If I had to rate my overall experience at the event, it would definitely be an 8/10, The crowds were overwhelming at first but as my first convention I took it with a grain of salt. Head in with the knowledge of the crowds and slow moving lines and you'll have a great time! Also, there are literally hundreds of great cosplays to take pictures with!

Once again I want to thank MoviePilot and I can't wait to attend another event for them soon!



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