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Hope You Like Your Sequels? - Disney Are Releasing A Load Whether You Like It Or Not!

With Zootopia in it's third weekend at the Box Office, they might be planning to do a second Zootopia film. But, Disney plan to release a load of sequels before Zootopia 2 and we don't get a say in it. The sequels are a mix of animations and live action! So there's a lot to look forward to, or a lot to be aware of! These films may interest you, so get your diary out now!

Here are six Disney sequels that are defiantly happening! Some I am even excited for!

1 - Alice Through The Looking Glass

After releasing 'Alice In Wonderland' whilst not based on the actual book by Lewis Carroll, Disney are planning to release 'Alice Through The Looking Glass'. The original made ovewr $1 billion at the Box Office. This then makes a sequel inevitable! Johnny Depp makes his return as the Mad Hatter alongside Mia Wasikowska who of course plays Alice. This film will be the final film role to for the late Alan Rickman. Rickman is the voice of the caterpillar. Is this a film you're looking forward to at all?

2 - Finding Dory

With Finding Nemo being released over a decade ago, a sequel is ready to be released this June! For seven years since Finding Nemo was released, it was Disney Pixar's top grossing film before it was destroyed by Toy Story 3. Finding Dory is of course all a bout Dory. Says it on the tin really. The Royal Blue Tang fish goes to search for her family that she had suddenly remembered she had. The trailer just looks amazing and could be as emotional as the first one.

3 - Cars 3

Pixar are set to release a third instalments to the Cars franchise. Despite me being an adult, I can say I absolutely loved the first Cars film! Not so much an adult now! The second one was good, but not as good as the first one. However I am excited for the third film, but it could go two ways. Praying it will be as epic as the first one! The origianl cast are yet to be confirmed to be returning. So we could be going down a new route here (not route 66). But this may not be a bad thing!

4 - Toy Story 4

Toy Story the original was fantastic! Toy Story 2 even better! Toy Story 3 however, I feel slipped slightly. On the other hand, after the first Toy Story, the film left on such a happy note, that it didn't really need a sequel. But the third sequel was a bit of a let down. Not saying I hate it, but it could have been better! I'm sure the fourth film we be a joyride, but we shall have to wait and see until new information is released.

5 - The Incredibles 2

I think I just heard a cheer in the distance! Yes the long awaited sequel to the Incredibles is finally happening! Many fans have been requesting this sequel for a hell of a long time. It's finally happening. Everyone applaud. The Incredibles was the first Pixar animation film to star human beings, and at a time that predated the comic book cinematic universe. Forget Batman V Superman and Avengers, The Incredibles is the best superhero film there has ever been! The amazing superhero family will return to screens very soon and maybe see what they have been up to in the long long time since we've seen them.

6 - Mary Poppins

Finally, Disney have announced that there will be a Mary Poppins 2! During Fall last year, Disney announced that aling with all of the live action remakes of their classic animated stories they're working on, they will be certainly be revisiting one of the old favourites. The brand new Mary Poppins is reportedly set to be a sequel to the 1964 hit film. The original Mary Poppins won an Academy Award for Julie Andrews. The rumour in the air at the moment is that Emily Blunt is in the talks to take over the major role and Hamilton writer and star,Lin-Manuel Miranda has also been approached to play the make lead. Do they however need to make a Mary Poppins sequel? It's probably not needed...

There we go. Six sequels that Disney are making/have made! I can't wait for a few of them but not all of them. However, Disney also plan to release a new Pirates of the Caribbean film, Frozen 2, Maleficent 2 and many more. If you have a favourite you can't wait to see, vote below or leave a quick comment!


Which Sequel Are You Most Looking Forward To?


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