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It's not every day you see cosplayers spinning this kind of fiery magic. This outstanding tribute to the beloved Toriel from indie fan favorite videogame Undertale is just as much performance and dance as cosplay. So when the cosplay artist known as Arorea brought her to life at this year's Katsucon, the results were spellbinding.

You can check out more amazing work at Arorea's blog, and scroll on for more cosplay awesomeness.

The still images alone are impressive and beautiful, but what really caught my attention was seeing everything in motion. Watch the magic happen:

(There's an even better video below! Like I said, seeing is believing.)

But first, we've even got some bonus content! If you want a behind-the-scenes look at the making of this beautiful cosplay, the artist actually took the time to write out a master post of the process, complete with dress tutorial diagrams and bonus pics. Arorea gives us some personal insight too:

Hello everyone! I just wanted to say that I am super grateful for all of the positive feedback I have been getting on my goat mom cosplay! Believe it or not I was super nervous about that cosplay before katsucon and was considering “turning it down a notch” the day of the con since I felt I was inexperienced with latex prosthetics, doing poi in platform heels, etc. BUT I’m glad I ended up going full throttle on my original plan because it has brought me here!

Turn it down a notch? Nah. Thank you for turning it up! This daring performance was a leap of faith, and the risk paid off.

If the small GIFs up there didn't fully capture the beautiful performance, here's the full video. Enjoy!

Lastly, my usual disclaimer - as always, thank you so much for reading, and please keep all commentary respectful. Remember that this talented artist is a human like you (despite how it may look today), giving us their work on their own time, for the love of the art and the character. Rock on, and see you again real soon!


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