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DC comics dark knight has rocked the comics since 1939. Since then he has gone through new changes and has gotten a larger role in the DC universe. He has helped shape the DC universe, and make it the best way possible. Here are the reasons the dark knight is a vital necessity for the DC universe.

He Helps Other Characters "Find" Themselves

Batman has served as a very effective teacher of morals. He has taught many other characters about what is right and wrong , white and black, pure and immoral. He taught Barry Allen (The Flash) that the world doesn't revolve around him by simply outsmarting him. He even taught Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) that his ego wouldn't get him anywhere, and he should really just be himself by quickly stealing Hal's ring in a matter of seconds without Hal noticing! Batman has served as a moral compass for many other heroes in his universe.

The dark knight even teaches his own sidekicks about themselves. He taught Damien Wayne how to care for others, where before he was more selfish. He even brought Jason down to a better person. When Jason Todd became the Red Hood, he was a cold-blood killer who came after the ones who he hated. But at one point, finally, Bruce calmed Todd down enough for him to actually care for others and care for who dies. Batman has served as a great teacher of morals for other characters, and if he was not part of the DC universe, any characters would not be the same.

He Keeps The Justice League Together

Batman has served as a great asset and main leader of the famous Justice League. He helps keep the other members smart, aware of whats coming, and helps keep other members down.

The dark knight has become a large part of the Justice League, he has contributed largely to almost every battle with the use of his extreme brains and brawn. He always comes up with multiple full-proof plans to take care of a situation. He has used that skill to help win each battle the Justice League has faced.

Bruce also even keeps the Justice League from hurting innocents. When the other members go rogue, he always has a plan to beat every one of them. He can beat Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg, and more from the simple use of his advanced intellect. He always comes up with a way to weaken a person, mentally or physically to then trap or subdue them. He truly is such a brilliant mind and part of the Justice League that if he wasn't in it, the team would surely lose much more battles.

He Helped Build Up Many Movies

The dark knight has helped make many things, including movies. One upcoming movie, Batman v Superman has gotten a lot of anticipation because of its new Batman, played by Ben Affleck. The movie and previous Batman movies had helped greatly gain high profit, and fan support. The more Batman movies, the more comics and video games.

The man of vengeance has contributed to building up big blockbusters and keeping DC comics popular. He truly is a man of fame, fame that he makes buy just one look by fans. The Dark knight has really brought so much great movies to the fans that his life is vital for the ever-growing comics company.

Batman from Batman Arkham Knight
Batman from Batman Arkham Knight

He Helped Make Very Popular Video Games

Batman has inspired many people to create many video games based off of his great character. He helped make Batman Arkham Asylum, Batman Arkham City, Batman Arkham Origins, and the most recent Batman Arkham Knight. He has brought the very popular franchise to life, the Batman Arkham games that have completely revolutionized gaming as a whole, serving as a template for other games combat, story, graphics, etc...

There has been very popular video games before the Arkham games. Old retro games based off the dark knight have been made before have truly served as a great look for platformer, open-world, and role play games.

The dark knight has brought to life a whole world of possibilities since 1939 and continues to effect the world. He truly is a big part of our lives and many others lives that are part of DC comics.


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