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Number 10: Principal Skinner

Seymour Skinner is the Principal of Springfield Elementary. He once served in the Vietnam War. He uses this in his job as Principal. Bart Simpson is in his office a lot because of his pranks. Even though he gets in trouble a lot, he has a good friendship with Skinner. When he lost his job as Principal when Ned Flanders took over, he missed Barts pranks and Bart missed him because his pranks did not bring as much happiness as they used to. You could say Skinner needs Bart and Bart needs Skinner.

Number 9: Krusty the Clown

Krusty is a clown on his own TV show. He is the main character on his show. While he looks fun loving on the show, his real persona is a smoker. He seems to hate his life, but he still continues to live it. He is Bart Simpsons favorite entertainer. Bart got to meet him and has saved him from his once cast member, Sideshow Bob. He is a Jewish Clown whose real name is Herschel. He has tried many times to get approval from his father, a rabbi, and he eventually does.

Number 8: Ralph Wiggum

Ralph Wiggum is the son of Clancy and Sarah Wiggum. He is an innocent kid who says random things,but means well. he just wants to be accepted by his fellow classmates. He did get one person to notice him. Lisa Simpson went out with him once. She have him a Valentines Day Card that said "I Choo-Choo Choose You." Everyone else ignores him, but Lisa has a soft spot for him because she feels bad that he does not have many friends.

Number 7: Chief Wiggum

Clancy Wiggum is the Police Officer in Springfield with his buddies, Lou and Eddie. While it seems he does not do a good job, there have been moments when he has done a good job. This is especially true when he locks up Snake Jailbird, a criminal. He is the father of Ralph and the husband of Sarah. He is a big guy who eats doughnuts and has been called "Chief Piggum." He upholds the law as best as he can and criminals should think twice before committing crimes. Wiggum will catch him. Well... as best as he can.

Number 6: Ned Flanders

Ned Flanders is a God Worshipping man who lives his life according to the Lord, something we all should do. He follows the Bible to a T. He has two sons named Rod and Todd. They are just like their father in that they also worship God and live their life according to the Lord. Despite his looks, when he takes his shirt off he has muscles and a six-pack. He was married to Maude Flanders, but she dies at a sporting event. He did marry Edna Krabapple, but she is not on the show anymore because her voice actor died. Even though he is so nice towards everybody, his neighbor Homer Simpson dislikes him and calls him "Stupid Flanders." He does not let this get to him and he is well-liked by most of the residents of Springfield.

Number 5: Maggie Simpson

Maggie is the youngest daughter of Homer and Marge Simpson. She does not talk much, but in one episode, she says "Daddy." When she walks, she falls on her face. she always sucks on her binky and if you take it out she cries. Even though she is only a baby, she has been on some adventures. She is known for shooting Mr. Burns in the episode: "Who Shot Mr. Burns?" I hope you readers knew that... She was thought to be a genius in one episode, but it was found out that Lisa Simpson was helping her. While she does not say much, she is a cute baby who his loved by her parents.

Number 4: Lisa Simpson

Lisa Simpson is the Middle-Child in the Simpson family. She is the smartest member in the family. She is in the second grade with Miss Hoover as her teacher. She excels in her class. So much that she moved up a grade. She found it difficult and went back to the second grade where she was "A Big Fish in a Small Pond." She plays the Saxophone and met her idol "Bleeding Gums" Murphy. She is a Vegetarian, so it is hard for her to eat at dinnertime. She has achieved many things and is happy when she gets A's and will not accept anything below an A.

Number 3: Marge Simpson

Marge is the mother of Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. She is the wife of Homer. She loves her kids and will do anything for them. she looks out for them and only wants the best. she does not like that Bart plays violent Video Games, and tries to stop him from playing them. Even though Homer has his faults, she still loves him because in the end, he always does the right thing. She tries to stop bad things that happen in Springfield by getting involved. She urges her husband and children to go to church even though the do not want to. They go with her because of their love for her.

Number 2: Bart Simpson

Bart is the oldest son of Homer and Marge. He is a Practical Joker who plays pranks on Springfield. He is best known for calling Moe's Tavern and giving fake names. He gets in trouble at school a lot, but he does not do it out of hate, just to have fun. He rides a skateboard around Springfield. He also has a slingshot which he sometimes uses. Bart is in the third grade being taught by Miss Krabapple. He has had many girls interested in him. They include Sherry, Terry, Gretta, Laura Powers, and Jessica Lovejoy to name a few. He loves his pet dog Santas Little Helper. When Lisa got moved up to the third grade, Bart was doing better, while Lisa had problems. This is is because Bart has been in the third grade before. He plays pranks on Lisa and Homer, but he is always quick to make up and he loves them both.

Here are some runner-ups:


Abe Simpson


Waylon Smithers

Reverend Lovejoy


Number One: Homer Simpson

You may have seen this coming, but who can you not love Homer? He is a lovable guy who makes many mistakes, not too smart, and loves to eat and drink beer. He works at a Nuclear Power Plant under Mr. Burns. he frequently goes to Moe's Tavern to drink Duff, his favorite beer. he loves his kids even though he strangles Bart a lot. While he may not like all the things his children does, he still loves them through their mistakes. He would rather sit on the couch that go to his children's recitals and special events. He does go because loves his children and loves his wife. Marge. He would do anything to stay married to her. His father is is Abe Simpson and his mother is Mona Simpson. he hates Marges twin sisters Selma and Patty. The do not like him much either. He is a well known character and one of the best animated characters, if not the best.


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