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It's almost been thirteen years since Red vs. Blue set out to become the most watched webseries of the world. Using the Halo engine and the multiplayer mode, what started out as something fun and casual became one of the biggest pop culture references of our time.

The story is simple: There's a Red base and a Blue base and we follow a group of soldiers adventures of the small yet huge box canyon.

Everything has a reason of being in RvB. There is not one single dialogue that doesn't work with the current situation, leaving you crying of laughter most of the time. How many shows can you name where you see a Mexican speaking A.I. soldier? Or so many stupid (and wannabe stupid) soldiers? Idiocracy is the main course here, with many memorable lines.

There's also an disobedient tank, the medical mystery of beating someone to death with their own skull and dealing with purgatory. These are just a few of the hundred things that make RvB weird and wonderful.

Watching it again for the first time in about 10 years (I was a late bloomer!), I can tell that the only thing that's aged are it's graphics. Actually, nevermind. It looks perfect the way it is, giving away all that nostalgia, just like watching reruns of Friends. This is where everything you know about webseries started. Right here. And it's as revolutionary as ever.

I'll be watching the entire series in the next few weeks (via Netflix), so stay tuned to that.

You can watch the entire first season below:


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