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I'd like to begin by thanking Moviepilot for giving me the opportunity to attend an advance screening of Dawn Of Justice. After years of anticipation, the time has finally arrived for comic book and superhero fans all over the world to witness the ultimate battle between man and god. Immediately picking up after the events of Man Of Steel, Bruce Wayne and the city of Metropolis must figure out how to respond to this being with godlike powers.

For most people, the battle between the Bat Vigilante and the Man Of Steel is what is motivating them to watch this movie. But for those of you still deciding, here are three reasons (other than Superman and Batman) why you should watch Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice this Friday March 25.

1. Gal Gadot As Diana Prince/Wonder Woman

Most, if not all, DC fans were ecstatic to see that Wonder Woman would be making a cameo in this extremely anticipated film. However, I was pleasantly surprised with Gadot's portrayal as the only female member of the Justice League. In my opinion, The Fast And The Furious actress does an outstanding job as Wonder Woman. In one scene, Bruce Wayne encounters Diana Prince for the first time at Lex Luthor's party. As soon as she enters the scene, Gadot steals all the attention with her intelligence, mysteriousness and breathtaking beauty. Not only that, when she finally dons the Wonder Woman costume, Gadot kicks serious ass and proves to everyone she is Wonder Woman. I just wish she had more scenes. A lot more.

2. Jesse Eisenberg As Lex Luthor

To be completely honest, I wasn't sure what to expect of The Social Network actor portraying Superman's nemesis. Eisenberg has always played that awkward, nerdy guy, so it was hard to imagine him play the extremely powerful and formidable Lex Luthor. However, he added his own flare (read jittery awkwardness) to the character that really made the antagonist that much more compelling. Granted, there were moments early on where I questioned Luthor's role in this movie, but my doubts were soon removed by his mere presence. Babbling? Yes. Psychotic? An even bigger YES!

3. Doomsday

Another cameo fans were surprised about is the Kryptonian monster Doomsday. Described as "incredibly powerful, merciless, and seemingly unstoppable" (Superman Wiki), the genetically engineered monster in this film definitely lives up to fan expectations (except for the fact it seemed very CGI and his physical appearance is more fleshy than bony). Doomsday causes even more destruction to Metropolis, forcing Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman to work together to find a way to stop him. The reason I really enjoyed the scene with Doomsday is because the fight sequence is amazing and it pushes our protagonists to their limits. Although I won't reveal the outcome of this battle, I will say Wonder Woman kicks major ass!

There's definitely a lot more I can talk about, but I'd rather keep the rest of the details to myself in a bid to encourage you all to go see the movie for yourself. Expect to see action, romance and lunacy; plus some unexpected cameos. Once you've seen the movie, please leave your opinions in the comments below!

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