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Batman has one rule and it is to never kill but he has killed before and I am going to list a few moments where he has killed people.

1. Batman hangs a mental patient.

Batman killed for the first time in Batman issue number 1 which released in 1940, this was obviously before he made his no kill rule but this would still count. The Batman hung a mental patient from the Batplane, this happens because a evil scientist gives some mental patients a serum that makes them bigger and they don't know what they are doing and so Bats must fight them and so he put a noose on one of the patients neck and hangs him as he flies away and say's "He's probably better off this way."

2. Batman locks and starves the KGBeast.

This instance Batman is fighting the KGBeast in Batman #420 released in 1988. Batman fights the villain the KGBeast and as they fight the beast begins to run away as we see and Batman see's him and he tells himself that he spots the door but doesn't chase he simply just grabs some of what looks like wood and then locks him inside the room and leaves him to starve in that room. He may have died slowly but it is still pretty bad way to go out not as bad as being hanged from the Batplane but still bad.

3. Batman pushes a villain into a sword.

This time Batman fight The count and as he is fighting him a sword that was thrown earlier at Batman is sticking out of a closet door and Bats pushed him into it. This was in Detective comics #37 released in 1940. Batman most likely did not intend for him to be pushed into the sword but it just happened as they were in the middle of the fight.

4. Batman crushes a drug dealer.

It is Robin's fault that Batman had got into this position because Robin had dropped a drug dealers brother off of a rooftop and then he is pretty mad about that happening to his brother but I mean who wouldn't be. This happened in Batman #425 released in 1988, Batman pushed a tower of junk cars onto him as he shoots at Batman.

5. Batman kills the Joker.

The batman kills the Joker in The Killing Joke released in 1988, I know that some people are going to say that batman never killed Joker due to the fact that The Killing Joke was cannon in the main DC universe but the ending was left to be interpreted how one would want it to end with Batman not killing him or him killing Joker, but Grant Morrison tells us the ending is Batman kills Joker and that is why the laughter stops because he killed Joker at the end of it all.

Here is Grant Morrison on The Killing Joke for those who have not heard it yet.

Let me know what you guys think of this.

Let me know in the comments some other times the Batman has killed and let me know what you guys think and thank you guys for reading!


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