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**Warning: a few mild and one potentially MAJOR spoiler for the walking dead comics and show ahead**

So far this season, there have been theories, theories about theories, rebuttals to those theories about those theories, and rebuttals to those rebuttals to get it.

When they announced Negan was coming, the internet exploded.

And when Glenn faked died (all 14 times) earlier this season, every time, the internet supernova'ed.

And there's not a doubt in my mind that when Negan shows up, even if it's only for 10 seconds or for 10 f-bombs, the internet may collapse in on itself, leading to our very own zompocalypse!

The one thing that people have been talking about, and will continue to talk about, is the finale.

Who's gonna die?

Who else is gonna die?

Seriously, how many people is Negan going to kill?

And with the finale running a whopping 90 minutes long, we're going to either see a lot of death, or get teased with it for 89 minutes...or something else WAY worse.

People have made it clear how they feel:

And many, many Moviepilot articles have made their case for who is and who is gonna get it. Other sites have articles about that stuff, but psh...who reads those sites?

After all this and that...what is the one thing that we do NOT want happening?

I can handle Glenn, Daryl, Maggie, and I hate to admit it, but as insane as the producers are, I could even handle Judith going to that big playpenin the sky.

But if this one thing happens...


I will...


Well, I'll get really REALLY mad, but still watch the show when it comes back on in the fall.

That one thing is...


If they go that route, they really just might have a riot on their hands. And I can totally see them doing it to us! After that Glenn fiasco, you have to wonder if sometimes, all they care about is keeping us hanging so we'll come back later.

So here's where the potential spoiler comes in, and for gosh sakes, turn around and walk away now if you don't want to hear it.

Those nutty nutcakes over at The Spoiling Dead Fans Facebook page posted, and then took down, so this might be could be but better ### not be a spoiler:

The episode ends with Negan lining the crew up, and choosing one to kill, but we don't see who he chooses. Instead, the camera POV switches to Lucille's victim, and the last few seconds of the episode, we get to see what it feels and looks like to get our head smashed in with a barbwire-wrapped bat.

That would NOT BE COOL, would it?

For the sake of the next few months, I hope to hell it doesn't happen, and we get some sort of closure at the end of this season. A small cliffhanger is fine, but not THAT big, guys!


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