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So I thought that because "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" is coming out this week, I would take some time to watch and then write a review for its predecessor, "Man of Steel." While I am motivated by "Batman v Superman," this review will act as a standalone review and will not consider "Batman v Superman."

I'm a fan of Superman because I enjoyed the first five or so seasons of "Smallville." It added a component to the character of Superman/Clark Kent that I never saw on screen. While he's practically indestructible, he still has a lot of weaknesses that truly make for an interesting character. So back in 2011 when "Man of Steel" was first announced, needless to say, I was incredibly excited. Finally, a chance to bring the Superman that I have come to love to life on the big screen. Forget the agonizingly boring "Superman Returns," we have a new Superman in the theater.

The Superman that I was truly hoping for is the one that we got, and I am so happy about that. "Man of Steel" covers the basis of Clark Kent, the younger versions played by Cooper Timberline and Dylan Sprayberry, having to keep his power hidden as a child. Although it also goes a step further and adds to the story by showing how confused both Clark and his parents were about these powers.

Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent was a hard portrayal to predict, as an actor he can sometimes nail a role and other times make an audience wallow in disappointment. Luckily he killed it here, acting as the father-role that Clark would truly need to decide what kind of man he wants to become. His father knew that his powers were bigger than anyone and because of that he didn't try to force Clark into any particular path. He told his son that one day he's going to have to make a choice and that decision wasn't up to anyone but Clark.

One thing that seemed to confuse me was Clark's decision. Clark was bullied throughout high school; director Zack Snyder was using these moments to show that Clark was strong enough to hold back from using his powers. It makes sense from that point of view, but what about from the idea that Clark is supposed to love the...

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