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Films and tv shows are great! They can bring worlds to life that otherwise would only exist in books or people's imagination. You know what else is great? DISNEY! I'm guilty of being a HUGE Disney fan. I love some of the worlds that are a part of the Disney, whether Disney just adapted existing material or created a world of their own, I love it all. One thing I loved to see those it worlds from Disney animation brought to screen in Live action.

I know I know, there's already Cinderella, Snow White and Beauty and the Beast is on the way. Wonderland has once been brought to the real world on several occasions as well as Neverland. Also recently announced that Universal and Disney (rumoured) are creating a live action little mermaid. If Disney does in fact annouce a live action remake, it could be interesting to compare the two adaptions. But there are a vast numbers of world in animation that could benefit from getting their own live action remake, instead of just focusing on box office hits and classics. For this I thought I would take about the under appreciated worlds, mainly,in the "Disneyverse" ( See what I did there??). Anyway, there are a ton of worlds that I think would make amazing TV Show/ Live Action Films

Right let's start this then.

1. Prydain.

Okay just in case people are not familiar with this world, it is the world in which Taran "assistant pig-keeper" resides. This animation loosely based off the book series called "The Chronicles Of Prydain" by Lloyd Alexander. The Disney animation is not like any another animation fro around the same time. It is dark and scary fro a children's film, so much Disney has tried to hide it away and forget about it. The thing about the film is that it's brilliant, something I don't think Disney or any other corporation realise. Over the decades it has gathered a cult following. While it bombed in the box office it is now regarded as a hidden gem of Disney because of its obscurity. Just imagine if the dark, mystical world was brought onto screen, have a creepy feel to the editing, music and such. Along with the world and characters people already love, it could prove to be very successful. Also, a plus is there are a number of books in the series, so there is plenty of source material to bring to life. Just imagine how ghostly and dark a tv show or a film could turn.

2. Atlantis.

Atlantis is a world that everyone familiar with. Whether it's from books, friends, family or a different source, Atlantis is a world which intrigues both young and old. Atlantis is also a world where there have already been a number of adaptions on, but one adaption I would love to see is the Disney world of Atlantis. The world in which Milo and his companions live would make for a great live action project. Imagine how stunning Disney's Atlantis would be if it was made into a live action. Think maybe the world of Avatar but a hundred times better, with better story, characters and how stunning cinematically Atlantis would look. Atlantis is considered an underdog in Disney animation, it's extremely underrated. By adapting an underrated animation like Atlantis into a beautiful piece of live action film can introduce the world to new audiences, people intrigued by the tale of Atlantis but have no interest in animation. Also, anyone who knows me knows that I am a sucker for cinematography and imagine how amazing this world could look if it was done right. ( I would be weak at the knees). Also to finish this paragraph imagine how terrifying Commander Lyle Rourke would be in real life ( I'm looking at Tommy Lee Jones for the part, the man terrifies me sometimes).

3. Treasure Planet.

I absolutely love "Treasure Planet", it gracefully combines the classic that is "Treasure Island" with science fiction to create an under appreciated masterpiece. "Treasure Planet" was essentially a flop, while it received positive critical reception and even an Oscar nomination, it performed poorly in the box office. Before the animation was released, there was talks of a sequel and even a tv series to which continue the story of the world, both of which were cancelled when the film disappointed in the box office. I know that this film is a huge favourite among a lot of people I know, so imagine continuing the story with a live action version on tv. Classic themes such as popular perceptions of pirates with science fiction elements prove popular, evident in the highly anticipated "Westworld" which combines the western genre with science fiction. A live action "Treasure Planet" I feel may have the same level of hype if it was brought to life. Cast an unknown for Jim and beef up the series with a few veteran actors and something brilliant could be shining on the horizon.


Last but certainly not least is Agrabah. The world of "Aladdin" is a fantasying setting. It's full of colour, bursting with life and "Aladdin" has a number of characters that are the crowning jewel to the world. If this world was brought to real life and its characters along with it I can just picture the cinematography ( I know I'm repeating myself slightly, I just really really like cinematography). But imagine bright, lively colours, the market stalls, the hustle and bustle of daily life of Agrabah, meanwhile there's the menacing undertones of Jafar plotting against the Sultan and the corrupt police force, and poor street rat Aladdin's life is flipped when he finds a magic lamp. It could be visual stunning to say the least, and as long as Tom Cruise is not cast as Aladdin, I'm fine.

So, you've reached the end! I hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed writing it. It was great looking up worlds to see which ones would be awesome to be brought into live action world.

And please if you have any worlds you feel should be given their time in the real world (of tv) feel free to comment below!! Also feel free to disagree and tell me why!!Thanks xx


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