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There are many horror fans who grew up watching slasher movies from the '80s and '90s. For them, names like Jason, Freddy and Michael still bring back memories of joy and horror.

Many years have passed since these icons graced our screens, and until they return on worthy sequels, they will remain in our memories, buried deep in our hearts.

Luckily for us, a new generation of killers have arrived to satisfy our need for blood and guts. They were created by a few talented indie directors who have decided to honor the masked and burned killers of yore. And rest assured, they have done a great job!

I hope you enjoy this list!

1. 'Among Friends' (2012)

We all love our friends, right? We have shared so many moments with them. Celebrations, parties, adventures. We also have had our share of pain and mourning. They have been there to solace us when we have needed them the most. Also, sometimes, they have been there to torture us one by one, while exposing our dirtiest secrets to the world, before killing us mercilessly. After all, what are friends for?

This movie is directed by Danielle Harris. She proves with this movie that she is not only a pretty face, but also someone very talented. If you like movies like Inhuman Resources, you have to check this one.

P.D. There is also a great cameo by Kane Hooder!

2. 'Laid to Rest' (2009)

Step aside Freddy, Jason, Victor Crowley and Leslie Vernon! There is a new killer on the block. His name? Well, nobody knows it. But he is known as ChromeSkull. Pretty cool name, eh? Well, it will not be so cool when you wake up inside a casket, without any memories, only to find out that he is chasing you all across the town, murdering innocent people on his quest to get you...

Laid to Rest is a homage of the good old slashers of the '80s. It is easy to see that the creative team focused on the gory deaths; there are several of these and they all are pretty graphic. There is also a great cameo by Lena Headey. Yes, Cersei herself. By the way, try to check the sequel, it is completely recommendable, something very unusual in horror movies.

3. 'Inhuman Resources' (A.K.A. 'Redd Inc.') (2012)

We all have had a boss that we just don't like. Maybe he was not as competent as he should has been, or maybe he was too strict and irrational. Maybe he overloaded us with useless tasks. Anyway, as bad as our bosses have been, I assure you that the worst boss of the world is Thomas Reddman, the main antagonist of Inhuman Resources.

Reddman, after being wrongly accused (according to him) of a heinous crime, kidnaps 6 people and puts them in an office to work for him. Their job? Proving that he is innocent. Of course, they will work for free, after all, they have no choice. Also, if they aren't doing a good job, well, he will use some form of torture in order to motivate them. In the end, if they aren't as productive as he demands, he will have no choice but to kill them. Now you are missing your old cranky boss, right?

4. 'Curse of Chucky' (2013)

Are you surprised to see Chucky on this list? Trust me, I am too. After some really disappointing sequels, the franchise has finally returned to its wicked rotted roots. Forget the bad jokes and silliness that has invaded the last few films of the saga. This movie is serious business.

Nica, after the tragic death of her beloved mother, has to receive her sister and her husband in her old house. But they are not alone. A cute little doll has arrived via mail. And of course, this little doll is Chucky. He had returned to do what he does best: killing people.

If you lost the faith in this franchise a long time ago, this movie will bring you back.

5. 'Nine Dead' (2010)

A mysterious masked man has kidnapped nine different individuals and has chained them inside a room. They have a mission: to find out why they are there. After nine minutes, if they haven't found out why, one of them will die. Will they be able to survive? Would you?

Let me be clear. This is not what you could call a good movie. If you are very strict, you will not like this one. On the other hand, if you, just like me, enjoy the so-bad-that-it's-so-good kind of horror, this one is for you. You will have fun trying to solve the interesting plot (I know I did). Also, this film has one of the most shocking endings ever. Not only in horror, but in any other genre. It will surprise you!

6. 'Monster Man' (2003)

Adam's true love is about to get married. Of course, he can't allow this. So he will drive all across the country to confess his eternal and unconditional love to her. Harley, his best (and most annoying) friend, will join him in this romantic comedy full of adventures. Will Adam be able to get to his beloved Betty-Ann before she accepts to spend the rest of her life with another man? Will Adam fulfill his dreams? Will Adam survive the terrible monster that is hunting him and his friends? Wait, what?

If you like gory movies, in the vein of Hatchet and ChromeSkull, this one is for you. You will find in here guts, blood and broken bones by the dozens. I am still waiting for the sequel...

7. 'Inbred' (2011)

Ah, the life in the country. Trees, birds, squirrels and clean skies. It is as peaceful as you always dreamed. Or it could be, if not for those evil mutants trying to kill you and your friends...

Four teen offenders, and their good-hearted care workers, will have to survive a nightmare in an evil and remote town inhabited by perverse mutants that find joy in torturing their victims before killing them. If you liked movies like The Hills Have Eyes, and Hatchet, then this one is for you. Not for the weak of heart.

I hope that you liked it. If you have suggestions, please let me know in the comments section below! I would love to hear them.

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