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You know that moment. It's when you're watching your new favorite show, and BAM! You see an actor/actress on the screen that you loved watching in that other favorite, maybe now canceled, TV show of yours.

A few of mine?

Jensen Ackles showing up in Supernatural after playing Jason Teague on Smallville

Ian Somerhalder coming to Vampire Diaries after playing oh-so-close-to-being-a-young-Batman Adam Knight on Smallville

John Schneider was in Dukes of Hazzard a few years before he was in, um...Smallville...

I think I'm beginning to see a pattern here.

Well, now we have a new favorite show at our house. The 100! It took us till the show was in season 2 to discover it, but we're going strong now, waiting until every Friday for the previous day's episode to come out on Hulu.

Marie Avgeropoulos, who plays (and very well, I might add) on , actually got her start out on . It was a pretty small, but memorable, part in season 4, episode 13, titled After School Special. This is what you got to see in that episode, if you don't remember:

hi i'm octavia
hi i'm octavia

It was a small enough role for Marie that I didn't remember it at first, but memorable enough that I sure as hell remembered it when I saw it again on Netflix! She recently sat down with TV Guide to talk about her scene.Her description of the scene is pretty hilarious! Check out the full video and article here, along with some memories from her other 100 costars.

Bonus tidbit!

After School Special has a young Dean and Sam going to a new school, while daddy hunts some monsters. Check out who Dean's love interest of the week was:

Caroline Freakin' Forbes! Hot damn!

Man...The CW is just one big circle of talent.

comes back tonight! And so do Bobby and Rufus! Sort of, anyway.

Here's a sneak peak, if you have to wait until tomorrow to see today's episode of Supernatural, just like The 100 and every other show (totally worth it, by the way, just to save 100's of dollars a year on cable!):


What is your all-time favorite actor/actress that has appeared in more than one of your favorite shows?

Did I miss any? Blast me in the comments with your fav!


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