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With all of the negative reviews rolling in for the hotly anticipated Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, you will be relieved to hear that there are plenty of exciting, iconic, funny and heart-wrenching moments throughout the film. As a lifelong DC fan and lover of the Holy Trinity of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, Batman V Superman gave a fan like me, and many others, some of the greatest moments we've ever seen in a comic book film. While some might have gripes with the film as a whole, there is no denying the quantity and quality of amazing moments throughout the film.

Obviously we’ll be dealing with SPOILERS throughout this post, so you have been WARNED!

Let's suit up and break it down!

15. Parademon Close-Up

While there isn't a picture of the close-up just yet, there is a clear and defining moment when a Parademon walks right up to the camera. We might not see Darkseid, but this clear depiction of a Parademon is nothing short of amazing. Not only was the CGI done well, but the design and armor of the Parademons was both practical and faithful. With high hopes for The Justice League Part One, this shot of the Parademon served as both a tease and a promise of what's to come.

14. Aquaman’s Cameo

Most of the Justice League cameos are short, including Aquaman's, but they are definitely standout moments. The first introduction to the big-screen Aquaman comes in the form of deep-sea diving footage. We see Aquaman come out from a wrecked ship with no breathing gear on, damage a diving vessel with his trident and speed off with immense velocity. It not only looks like we'll be getting an Aquaman as powerful as his comic book counterpart, but one that also fits the dark tone of this universe.

13. Bruce And Diana’s Game Of Cat And Mouse

Fans of the acclaimed Justice League and Justice League: Unlimited series recall the romantic tension between Batman and Wonder Woman. It was one of the many highlights of those series, and we are finally getting some hints at a similar burgeoning romance for the silver screen. While they are not explicitly seeing each other in the film, they do partake in a sexy game of cat and mouse. Bruce is trying to steal information from Lex, only to have his device stolen by Diana Prince, a.k.a. Wonder Woman. The verbal bouts these two engage in are playful, flirtatious and indicative of their heroic alter egos. It was fun to watch them go back and forth.

12. Cyborg's Creation

In yet another Justice League cameo, we see Cyborg's father Silas Stone attempting to save the life of his completely dismembered son. Cyborg, a.k.a. Victor Stone, is nothing more than half a torso, a head and an arm when we meet him. He is covered in wires and tech, but it isn't until we see Silas pull out a Mother Box that we finally get a hint of the hero we'll soon come to know as Cyborg. Shot as lab footage, we see Silas activate the Mother Box and the technology engulf Victor's body. Before the transformation is complete, the footage ends, but we now know how Cyborg is created.

11. Lex Gives A Cryptic Warning About The Future

After learning intergalactic knowledge from the wrecked Kryptonian ship's archives, Lex is now one of the smartest men on the planet, even more so than before. After he is apprehended and imprisoned, Batman pays him a visit. It is in this brief exchange that Lex begins to split at the seams. His psychosis begins to reveal itself and he lets a single piece of information slip: "I've rung a bell. He's hungry, and he's coming," Lex says to Batman. With the technology and information Lex has at his fingertips, it sounds like he has sent out a message across the stars, and specifically to the Big Bad himself, Darkseid.

10. Lex Threatens Senator Finch

Many were concerned about Jesse Eisenberg's eccentric portrayal of Lex Luthor, but having seen the film, that skepticism is put to rest. In a scene where Lex is threatening Senator Finch, we see his true villain shine through with utter brilliance. Eisenberg's Lex makes your skin crawl and your blood boil. He is intimidating and spiteful at the same time. His Lex is multilayered and easily the best live-action version we've seen to date.

9. Batman Begins To Form The Justice League

At the end of the film, Batman is the one titan left standing who has the faith and knowledge to begin forming the Justice League. It's a perfect marriage between Batman's realistic sensibilities and hopeful confidence in humanity. He knows he must collect and train the other amazing people in the world so that they can stand against the impending threats coming their way. Seeing the older, wiser Batman be the forefather of the Justice League makes sense, considering all of his experience, and the fact that he inspires the even older and wiser Wonder Woman to partner with him in this endeavor makes a fanboy's heart scream with excitement for what's to come.

8. Batman’s Foot On Superman’s Throat

Don't get me wrong, the entire battle between Batman and Superman is riveting to say the least. There are dozens of moments in the fight alone that I could pick out, but this is by far the greatest moment. Following a brutal and intense clash for both the Dark Knight and the Man Of Steel, Batman gains the upper hand after continual use of Kryptonite smoke grenades. These grenades even out the fight just long enough for Batman to beat down Superman. Hesitating to strike the death blow with his makeshift Kryptonite spear, Batman holds Superman down with his spiked boot at his throat. It's a legendary scene straight out of The Dark Knight Returns and it feels just as intense as it did in the comics and animated film.

7. Lex Luthor Takes Martha Kent

By far Lex Luthor's greatest moment in the film was kidnapping Martha Kent, which let his character shine in the worst way possible. When Lex throws down the photos of Superman's captive mother with a gag in her mouth and the word "witch" scrawled on her forehead, it is a striking and difficult confrontation to witness, causing Superman to fall to his knees in agony. The power of Lex's manipulation is felt most in this scene. In this moment you see just how dominant Lex is and to what lengths he's willing to go.

6. Doomsday Evolves

Doomsday was a huge point of contention among fans. Many were worried that this Ninja Turtle-looking beast wouldn't resemble the monster known as Doomsday. Luckily, he delivers in all ways possible. Not only does he consistently evolve during the battle, but he gains more and more spikes as he is injured, keeping in line with his comic book counterpart. His constant evolution was gratifying, and his strength and size were on point. Doomsday was stronger than Superman and Wonder Woman and maintained many of the monster's original powers. And seeing him tower over our heroes only served to make his presence even more intimidating.

5. Superman Gets Nuked

After Man Of Steel many were worried that we wouldn't see the Superman we all love and deserve. While I personally was satisfied with the Superman presented in MoS, BvS absolutely delivers a Superman we can all agree on. In a scene that completely encapsulates the strength, resilience and heroism of the character, Superman allows himself to be struck by a nuke in order to kill Doomsday. Our hero is reduced to nothing but skin and bones just like in The Dark Knight Returns. We see this gruesome imagery, and we also get to see Superman regenerate and come crashing back down to Earth to continue the fight. It was a moment many thought we'd never see in a live-action Superman movie.

4. Flash’s Knightmare Cameo

This is a moment many are already buzzing about. With The Flash's time-travel abilities, he comes back from a bleak future to warn Bruce Wayne of the impending doom if Lois Lane dies. Right after the infamous Knightmare scene, Bruce Wayne wakes up in the Batcave, only to be startled by a portal opening before his eyes. In the portal is Ezra Miller's Flash struggling to deliver his cryptic message to Batman in the hope of preventing the devastating future seen in the Knightmare sequence. Not only was the message and Knightmare sequence interesting, but The Flash's representation was great. Bursting with lightning bolts all around him and struggling to vibrate at the right frequency, he only just manages to deliver his message. It was extremely reminiscent of the famous comic panel in Crisis On Infinite Earths where The Flash delivers a similar warning to Batman.

3. The Trinity Defeats Doomsday

In the climactic battle many have waited a lifetime to see, we see DC's Holy Trinity — Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman — take on the monstrous Doomsday. As I said before, Doomsday is immensely powerful and very menacing. With a threat as big as him, it gives our Trinity ample opportunity to utilize their vast pantheon of skills and powers to come together and work as a functioning unit, laying the groundwork for what will become the Justice League. The final moments of the Doomsday versus Trinity fight are a comic fan's dream. We get to see Batman use his Kryptonite-infused gadgetry to weaken the monster, Wonder Woman use her Lasso Of Truth to subdue the behemoth, and Superman deliver the final blow with a Kryptonite spear. It is a spectacle on screen, and one worth watching and rewatching.

2. Batman Takes On KGBeast And Goons

A scene that we got a great glimpse of in the trailers and sneak peeks, Batman's solo rescue mission of Martha Kent is hands down the single greatest Batman fight scene we have ever seen committed to celluloid. Ben Affleck's Batman is simultaneously agile and incredibly powerful with each punch and jump he takes. We finally see Batman represented in a way that does his character justice. Not only do we witness the perfect physical representation of Batman, but we see the use of gadgets and advanced stealth skills. Zack Snyder even ripped a sequence directly out of The Dark Knight Returns, having Batman burst through a wall and hold a goon captive. He then takes his gun and uses it to diffuse the hostage situation. For any Batman fan, this scene will give you goosebumps.

1. Superman Dies

Finally, the moment we all thought was too insane to be true; the moment we never thought we'd see captured in a live-action film. Superman dies at the hands of the monster Doomsday, just like he did in one of his most famous comic story arcs. A huge risk for DC, Snyder and company did a phenomenal job at creating real stakes in their universe and letting our heroes fall. Superman's death was heartbreaking and awesome, but the classic scene of his dual funerals was delivered flawlessly. While the world mourns the empty coffin, Clark's body is actually laid to rest in Smallville with some family at his side. We even get a final moment where Batman mourns his fallen comrade, saying, "I failed him in life. I won't fail him in death."


This will no doubt be a polarizing film. Hopefully you will enjoy these moments with the same level of enthusiasm and happiness many of us have. Thanks for reading!


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