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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice picks up where Man of Steel left off- with Superman (Henry Cavill) and Zod (Michael Shannon) battling it out over Metropolis. But it doesn’t show this battle as just a fight between two superhumans (or rather aliens- which is what the film reminds us Superman is). It shows the repercussions this fight has for ordinary human beings, like those working for Wayne Financial. While the two Kryptonians battle it out in the sky, Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) bleeds for the people in his company, dead because their building was destroyed in the fight. As Bruce rescues a little girl whose mother was in a burning building, the human impact of these epic battles comes home. This is one of many ‘real’ moments in the film, that make you feel something other than adrenaline rushing through your veins.

The film does not spend too much time establishing the reason for the eponymous Batman v Superman rivalry. Batman aka Bruce Wayne obviously feels that Superman is going about playing ‘hero’ without considering the consequences (like the orphaned little girl). Superman aka Clark Kent wonders ‘Who is Batman to take justice into his own hands?’ The justification for their rivalry is obviously not rock-solid, but the fight sequences that follow make up for it.

Action is the film’s real strength, and in this department, Zack Snyder has pulled out all stops. Every time Batman and Superman come up against each other, there is palpable tension, not just on screen but in the audience as well. Will the best of human technology be able to beat brute alien strength? Will the Bat of Gotham triumph against the Son of Krypton? You really should see for yourself!

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