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I'm going to start off stating that nothing qualifies these critics as being more qualifiable than any of us, that has already seen Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I have proof of that shown below, but for now I'm critiquing them. Let us note that nothing qualifies me either. But the fact that I, myself have been writing for ten years now. Short stories, short scripts and two feature length scripts. Also holstering a short film and short documentary, the latter for which I was director of photography on, makes me feel more qualifiable. I'll even emphasize on the word feel again. I have a background in film-making, whilst majority of these critics are only there for journalism. No slack on writers, because I do the job here. Just show me one top-critic who has an actual background and or have studied (even briefly) any craft of film arts. Here. I'll even paste the email of my script, placed in WorldFest Houston, recently winning a Remi award from them.

Worldfest Houston Festival cred.
Worldfest Houston Festival cred.
Worldfest Houston Festival cred.
Worldfest Houston Festival cred.

I won't release the name of the project because––spoiler? Really though, I'm not here for myself.

These critics actually don't critique the film, instead they base their reviews around the success of another franchise(s). Humorless? Joyless? Irons (Alfred) and Fishburne (White) were full of humor throughout this movie. They were humorous to me and the rest of the audience. Tell us what makes it joyless. Show us an example, written into a screenplay format. Show us the structure behind constructing a good screenplay dialogue. While you are entitled to your opinion, show us what makes you obligational. The viewers at least deserve that. They're clicking "Read Full Review", giving traffic to your solo pages. Give them a better and proper reason why your response to this movie, is what it is. Give them your credentials. You're a writer? I'm a writer. Warner Brothers, Ben Affleck, Chris Terrio, Holly Hunter and Jeremy Irons have given you their Oscars. Their directing and writing capabilities. Their acting chops. Give them yours, even if it's just a script like mines. I've read those listed, full reviews. I see your opinions. Just give better explanations behind them, because though they're bleak, they still could cause heavy mishaps to these fans' movies. My movies. This is for all comic-book movies I like. Give the credit where it's due. Be critical where it's needed, but don't be blind based on the fact that it has less humor than what you expected. You don't like the director? Give another critic your place that does. Don't criticize what you don't like. Make it make sense. Be smart. Use your writing abilities and criticize something for an actor, director or screenplay writer that you actually can endure. You don't like the visuals from previous installments, yet chooses to critique? Find another angle and judge from there. Once again, make it make sense. Go in without expectations, but with an open experience. Because it's a new film. Not an extension to the same project you've already seen and disliked. If it's meant to be intellectual and you won't bother to try and comprehend, then look for lesser films. Nolan lowered his hit Interstellar, just to prevent that from effecting his reviews. Nothing can cater to all. Even I know that.

As you've noticed, I haven't stated names or even the sites of these critics. I'm not aiming to bash or throw any under the bus. Though many tend to do the same to this new franchise, I won't squander my time. These are the types of reviews that would make Roger Ebert shift (screenwriter, journalist, author) in his resting place, due to how incorrigible they all seem. How connected they feel, review-wise and how obvious they seem to play their angles at the realistic capabilities Warner Brothers seem to keep in their super-hero films. Why so serious? Because we live in times where we, the fans, would actually want a hero. Someone to save us from what occurs around our world. We want to feel connected with what transpired across our IMAX theater screens. We want to see our hero(s) stand from pain, like us in our real world. We love to see them fight with many consequences behind his/her actions, because they were also learning. Not someone that'll claim to have saved all, yet lie once he/she are in the "public eye" again, stating they've lost a few hundreds. We want honest, fruitful emotions. We want an honest connection. We want the audiences' reviews to be noticed. Not just the reviews of those who aren't with audiences/fans.

“And the thing about personal opinions is that they always come from a place. And there’s a preconceived idea which you have to get past a critic before you start writing your article or your review, and that affects everything.” - Cavill

And never take what the movie states as pointless drool. There's a dingdingdingdingdingding in these types of structured, thought provoking films for a reason. If you don't understand and it causes you to dislike something, then maybe you should obtain the source material. The fans got it. While Batman v Superman isn't perfect, it surely isn't a terrible film. Still holds a rating of 9.3/10 from me. My review of it here, explains my dislikes and likes, instead of using indefinite wording. It's visually stunning. Has amazing usage of CGI. This was an action film. It was quick moving. It was. You will have to keep up with it. Claims to be bloated? It doesn't misuse any second of its time. It handled the use of cameos beautifully, rather than having a drop by scene, just to rattle fans. It's emotionally packed and hints amazingly at the future of this world. Just like a comic book would. be continued.


Give your sincere votes. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman is in theaters. Go form an opinion for yourself.


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