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The eagerly anticipated Gilmore Girls revival is underway, with production taking place in LA. Now is the time for speculation and casting decisions, and it looks like there could be a special cameo that links Lauren Graham to another on screen relative.

According to TVLine, Mae Whitman, who has played Graham's daughter Amber across six seasons of Parenthood, has landed a minor role in the show. And, yes, the pair will be linking up on screen.

A Fan Of The Show

Whitman and Graham on 'Parenthood' (Source: NBC)
Whitman and Graham on 'Parenthood' (Source: NBC)

Graham played mother Lorelai Gilmore across all seven seasons of the popular show, and will reprise her role across four new episodes that'll be available on Netflix.

Whitman has previously expressed her love of the show, and even Tweeted a humorous if not slightly Photoshopped image of the cast when it was announced there would be a new series.

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She also Tweeted a picture of her alongside Graham and her Gilmore Girls daughter, Rory Gilmore (played by Alexis Bledel) in a prelude to what we could see in the upcoming series.

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Source: TVLine


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