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*Middling spoilers for 'Batman v Superman' ahead!*

It's finally here! The long-awaited kick off point for the Justice League has been released, and [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) was certainly worth the wait. It's not just about Batman and Superman (and Wonder Woman); Dawn Of Justice cleverly sets up the future of the DCEU by introducing the other super-friends. And one of these cameos is way more epic than we expected.

The meta-humans are introduced thanks to Lex Luthor's surveillance of them, discovered by both Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince. In a fantastic scene, we get to see each of the heroes in action, thanks to Lex's found footage.

Hidden Heroes

This was a really neat way to set up the members of the Justice League: Bruce discovers the footage first, then emails it to Diana. This is a turning point for both heroes. Bruce is forced to see meta-humans in a different light to his mistrust of Superman, while Diana learns she is no longer alone in a mortal world.

Flash's cameo comes first, and it's probably my favorite of all three. This footage is from a convenience store security cam, and it shows Barry Allen interrupted in his grocery shopping by an armed robbery.

Ezra Miller's Flash will be epic.
Ezra Miller's Flash will be epic.

Of course, he quickly takes out the thief, too fast for the clerk to know what happened, but not fast enough for the camera to miss it. Barry's smirk really makes this cameo more than just a brief glimpse of his powers, as we can tell the kind of person he is.

Aquaman's appearance is less heroic, and more in line with Diana's warning to Bruce that these people "might not want to be found." This footage is from an undersea exploration of a sunken ship.

Jason Momoa as Aquaman.
Jason Momoa as Aquaman.

Aquaman disables the camera, but not before we've caught a glimpse of his trident, and his super fast swimming. Looks like Flash has got competition.

In what was probably the most interesting of the cameos, we see Cyborg's origin. A young Vic Stone, who was presumably injured in a sports accident as in the New 52 DC Comics, is reduced to his upper torso. His father, Silas Stone, is making a video log of his attempts to save Vic's life.

Cyborg in the DC Comics.
Cyborg in the DC Comics.

Silas finally succeeds in creating the Cyborg we know and love thanks to a strange, distinctly alien-looking box. This technology, when fused with Vic, creates his limbs and lower torso, and seems to bring him back to consciousness, kicking and screaming.

This was by far the longest of the cameos, and it's very intriguing. Will this technology play a part in Justice League Part One? But there's another cameo which will no doubt have a huge impact on the future of the DCEU.

Paradox Or Prophecy?

The desert dream sequence is primed to cause just as many fan arguments and debate as it did before Batman vs Superman was released. Just after Bruce Wayne dreams of a post-apocalyptic future, complete with Darkseid Easter Eggs, Flash appears to Bruce with a cryptic warning.

Bruce dreams of Darkseid's future.
Bruce dreams of Darkseid's future.

Of course, Flash has the ability to travel through time, and his outfit is distinctly post-apocalyptic. This implies that he's come from the future Bruce saw, and although we can barely hear what he says, he seems to be warning Bruce against Superman.

"You were right about him... Find Lois Lane, she's the key..."

The assumption we could jump to is that sometime in the future, Lois dies and Superman goes all megalomaniacal out of grief, explaining his cult-like army and murderous actions.

However, that clashes somewhat with the Darkseid hints (the Omega symbol and the Para-demons). There's also the question of whether Bruce can actually predict the future (he doesn't have powers, after all), and whether Flash's appearance was just another part of his dream.

Well, at least we have a year to figure this out! In any case, it's clear that the Flash's time travel will be a crucial plot point in Justice League Part One. Hopefully we'll find out next year whether this was a self-fulfilling prophecy, a paradox, or just a figment of Bruce's fevered imagination.

Bruce Wayne discovers the meta-humans.
Bruce Wayne discovers the meta-humans.

Speculation aside, the appearances of Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg in Dawn of Justice were really awesome, although brief. At the end of the film, Bruce and Diana resolve to seek out these meta-humans, in order to form a team. It's fantastic to see these two heroes work together, and we can't wait to see how this all leads in to Justice League Part One.


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