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It's finally here! [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) has dropped and it was totally worth the wait. A ponderous superhero epic, Batman v Superman covered everything from existential dread to spectacular battle sequences, tying neatly into Man Of Steel while setting up Justice League Part One. That was a tall order to achieve, and Zack Snyder really knocked it out of the park and right into space!

Before we get into the most badass moments of the movie, you know the drill: Here be spoilers! Read on at your own risk.

Batman v Superman spoilers ahead!
Batman v Superman spoilers ahead!

Still here? Awesome! And the first most badass moment in the movie, surprisingly, goes to Lois Lane:

1. Facing Off Against A Warlord

Lois Lane's role in Dawn Of Justice came close to stealing the show, as her investigation of the "desert incident" led her from the Sahara to DC to Lex Luthor's lair.

In the incident that starts everything off, Lois is in a desert facility, the first reporter to interview a dangerous terrorist cell. And the leader isn't so happy to be interviewed by a "lady," leading Lois to calmly retort:

"I'm not a lady, I'm a journalist."

Talking back to a murdering warlord? Nice one, Lois.

2. Beat That Mofo With Another Mofo, Pt. 1

Ok, so Batfleck is awesome. Really, really awesome. He leaps into action pretty early on, chasing down Lex Luthor's goons as they smuggle kryptonite into the US. This car chase is one of the most epic scenes in the movie, showcasing the truly awesome new Batmobile.

The epic new Batmobile.
The epic new Batmobile.

My personal favorite moment was when Batman used a grappling wire at the rear of the Batmobile to grab onto another car. After dragging the car behind him, and picking up speed, Batman yanked the steering wheel around. This threw the car he was towing into the air — and right into the car some of the bad guys were driving. Ouch!

3. Superman Just Casually Pulling A Ship Through Ice

There's a thoughtful montage of Superman doing heroic things while pondering his purpose, and whether he really is benefiting humanity in his efforts. A lot of this is stuffed full of religious imagery, but the best moment has to be when he heaves an enormous tanker through a frozen ocean, dragging it by the immense mooring chain. Enough said, really.

4. Batman v Superman: Epic Fist Fight

After at least an hour of build up, we finally see the fight between these heroic titans. And Batman really, really holds his own.

Yes, Batman literally steps on Superman.
Yes, Batman literally steps on Superman.

Batman is the victor of this battle, using carefully set traps, kryptonite-enhanced weapons, and his incredible reinforced suit to beat Superman. And when I say beat, I mean that literally. Batman basically pummels Superman into the ground.

For me, the best moment was when Batman picks up an almost unconscious Superman, lifting him right over his head to throw him down several flights of stairs. To anyone who thought Superman was a dead cert to win this fight: you were wrong.

5. Beat That Mofo With Another Mofo, Pt. 2

Damn Batman, back at it again with the awesome fight scenes! This moment comes from Batman's rescue of Martha Kent, channeling his grief over his own mother's death into some pretty epic battle moves.

We saw him repeat the grappling hook maneuver, this time by hooking a guy in from the other side of the room in order to sucker punch him into the ground. I'm still geeking out about that. But the best moment was definitely when Batman punched a guy who was hanging from the ceiling right into two other goons, ensuring they were all out for the count. Looks like Bruce took this meme as serious fight advice.

6. Superman Literally Punching Doomsday Into Space

While Batman saves Martha Kent, Superman is the first to take on Doomsday, and he's learned from his battle with Zod to take the fight far away from Earth.

Supes literally punches Doomsday further and further into space, racing against a nuclear weapon fired by the US military. But this happens just as the epic showdown begins, so you know Doomsday isn't beaten yet.

7. Doomsday's Final Form

Yeah, Doomsday's first form does look pretty dumb, like an overgrown Ninja Turtle sans shell. But after he gets hit by a nuclear explosion? Oh man, does he look epic.

Doomsday does end up looking p awesome.
Doomsday does end up looking p awesome.

The way Zack Snyder creates Doomsday is really cool, as the monster uses the energy he's bombarded with to resonate immense golden blasts. After the nuke sends Doomsday crashing back down to Earth, he transforms into his second form.

He literally tears off the burnt flesh, exposing the shocking white spikes beneath. After the visceral, graphic transformation, Doomsday lets out a huge blast of energy, which can be seen from space. This whole sequence was terrifying in the best way.

8. Wonder Woman Saves Bruce's Ass

FINALLY! After seeing secret agent Diana Prince sneak around for most of the movie, she leaps into the fray at the end, shielding Batman from Doomsday's nuke-enhanced blast.

Wonder Woman's got your back, Bruce.
Wonder Woman's got your back, Bruce.

This might be eighth on our list but it was probably the most badass moment in the movie; Wonder Woman didn't even use her shield, but deflected the blast with her armbands. She lowers them, snarling at Doomsday while guitars clash and drums pound on the soundtrack (this is on Spotify already, PLEASE do yourself a favor and check it out).

And of course, Wonder Woman has the best response to Batman's warning:

"I've killed monsters from other worlds before."

I'm still recovering from the epicness of her entrance, and I need her solo movie like, yesterday.

9. Trio Team Up

Yes! The holy trinity, together at last, battling Doomsday in the movie's epic showdown.

The three heroes work together with ease, using each other's talents to their advantages like they've been fighting together for years. Wonder Woman and Superman really hold the fore in this battle, using their powers of flight and super-strength to beat back Doomsday. And Batman's kryptonite weapons come in handy too.

10. Wonder Woman Cutting Off Doomsday's Hand

Wonder Woman's role in the battle really is a joy to watch. After taking a step back from warfare for 100 years, you can tell she really, really missed the glory of violence.

Wonder Woman's battle prowess is delightful.
Wonder Woman's battle prowess is delightful.

It's hard to pick a favorite of her moments, as Wonder Woman slashes at Doomsday's legs with her sword, pins him down with her Lasso of Truth, and grins when he finally lands a punch. But I've gotta go with Wonder Woman hacking off Doomsday's hand because wow. That's a great image.


Batman and Superman face off.
Batman and Superman face off.

11. Superman's Last Stand

Yes, Snyder did the thing. The one thing we were sure wouldn't happen: the death of Superman. And man, was it a worthy sacrifice.

Somehow, Superman manages to fly across the battlefield carrying the kryptonite spear, driving it straight into Doomsday's heart. Of course, Doomsday's not going to go down easy, and stabs Superman with the jagged spike jutting out where his hand used to be.

And that's our final most badass moment: Superman, struggling against the pain of his wound and the effect of the kryptonite, levering himself up by the spike, forcing the spear further into Doomsday's torso. A fitting end to the savior of humanity indeed.


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