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We're only a day away from the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and one of the major questions that is feverishly waiting to be answered is whether Ben Affleck's performance will do Batman justice.

Although you'll have to decide for yourself, early reviews of the movie have praised Affleck's take on the Caped Crusader. He gives a spin to the character that is even broodier and more brutal than before, which clearly shows in the way he fights. In an interview with Reuters, he discussed Batman's fighting style, revealing he found inspiration in the UFC.

Batman's 'More Like A Brawler'

Following in Christian Bale's footsteps, Affleck made sure to put his own mark on the Batman character, particularly in the fighting style:

"He's a little bit more like a brawler, he's more physical. You kinda get a feeling of [a] physical visceral slugger thing, you know what I mean? So the fights are more smash mouth, UFC influenced, Conor McGregor style."
Conor McGregor / USA Today Sports
Conor McGregor / USA Today Sports

McGregor is the current UFC Featherweight Champion, having spectacularly knocked out the formerly undefeated champion José Aldo back in December.

Cavill Still Waiting To Put His 'Official Stamp On This Character'

Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.

In the second part of the interview, Superman actor Henry Cavill says he's "still waiting to put his official stamp on this character":

"This is still the development stage of Superman, and I'm adding a little bit of flavour here and there. I'm trying to get [...] the human psychology present in this super-powered alien [...]. We're not seeing the final finished product of Superman which we see in the comic books, we're seeing the guy making his mistakes."

Let's see how this development stage holds up against UFC Batman!

Are you looking forward to Ben Affleck's take on Batman?


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