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Karly Rayner

Everyone from Justin Bieber to Leonardo DiCaprio have been letting their luscious locks run wild and free this year, and embraced a bit of man bun action and, love it or hate it, the look is here to stay.

Disney fanatic Thenamelessdoll knows that the Disney Princes are the kind of fashion forward dudes who would be totally game for keeping up with the trend, and below is a round up of some of their hair-tastic photo edits.

Prince Erik's Pompadour

Prince Eric channels hirsute Tarzan realness!

Prince Naveen's Nest

Naveen lets his locks be as free as his dance moves.

Prince Charming's Coiffure

Prince ponytail to the rescue!

Dashing Prince Derek

Yes, I know he's not Disney but I couldn't leave out Prince Derek's polished bun.

Flynn Flips His Hair Back And Forth

Rapunzel isn't the only one who can rock ridiculously long locks.

Which Disney Prince would you like to see rocking a manly mane?

(Source: Tumblr)


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