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Many children dream about growing up to become an astronaut, an Olympic winning athlete, or even a rockstar. But Batman v Superman actress Christina Wren always wanted to become a superhero. And that dream may be within touching distance of becoming a reality.

Wren had a small yet unforgettable role in Superman's origin story, Man of Steel, playing Captain Carrie Farris, with her quote "he's kinda hot" becoming a viral clip. Although she returns for BvS with a bigger part, it's another upcoming DC movie that may put Wren on the map.

Playing A Superhero Would Be A "Dream Come True"

There has been speculation that her character may reveal herself as Carol Ferris, the love interest of Hal Jordan, a.k.a. Green Lantern. What with an upcoming Green Lantern Corps in 2020, and Wren already within the DC Extended Universe, this could become a possibility.

Carol Ferris with Green Lantern (Source: DC Comics)
Carol Ferris with Green Lantern (Source: DC Comics)

At the premiere of BvS, Comic Book asked Wren whether this is something she would be interested in, if she was given the chance. Her response was gushingly positive. She said:

“Yes! Yes! Like, absolutely! I mean, super-huge fan. Would die to be a superhero. My whole childhood growing up, I wanted to be a superhero and we didn’t really have the female superheroes who were in the limelight at the time….To get to grow up and do that would be really a dream come true, but I’m waiting as much as anyone else.”

Watch The Full Red Carpet Clip Below:


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice actress Christina Wren spoke with us on the red carpet about whether her Carrie Ferris could come to the Green Lantern movie.

Posted by DC on on Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wren's enthusiasm for the part is contagious. I personally feel she'd make a great Carol Ferris, or Star Sapphire as she is often known.

Regardless of whether or not Wren does get the chance to star as Green Lantern's love interest, there's still a good chance that she may feature again as Captain Carrie Farris in the upcoming Justice League in 2017.

Would you like to see Christina Wren as Star Sapphire?

Source: Comic Book


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