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Now, with all the will in the world, it would be tough to describe the currently available critical response to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as anything more than... lackluster. With a Rotten Tomatoes score of only 33% at the time of writing this paragraph, the movie has not been greeted kindly by the press — though the response from fans has thus far tended to be much kinder.

The negative critical consensus has, however, led many to speculate that Batman v Superman's overall box office total may now cap out lower than expected, with some even arguing that it may reduce audience turnout this weekend.

Which, if true, is very much not what's information is suggesting, seeing as the site is now reporting that...

'Batman v Superman' Might Actually Make Even More Money Than Originally Thought

Specifically, the site is reporting that the box office projections for the film's opening weekend have been raised to an extremely healthy $160 million, up close to $20 million on previous predictions. With some also now anticipating close to $200 million in earnings internationally, that means it's entirely possible that the movie could rake in a $350 million dollar worldwide haul in its opening few days. Which, while by no means Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens money, would still be impressive — and certainly far from embarrassing for Warner Bros.

Indeed, with the film's budget reportedly coming in at around $250 million, that would even give the studio a fighting chance of breaking even (factoring in promotional costs) before the weekend is out. That may in turn mean that any negative impact from the poor critical reception (which would be more likely to impact second week sales than the movie's heavily pre-booked and hype-fueled opening weekend) would be less damaging, seeing as it would simply be cutting into profit.

That being said, of course, anticipation of the newborn DCEU is so high that should Batman v Superman not make at least $1 billion worldwide during its cinematic release, it'll still likely be seen as a major disappointment — especially in the face of The Avengers's $1.5 billion global haul.

The big question now, then?

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