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Now, for the most part, the Marvel versus DC rivalry is a pretty peaceable one. With the companies themselves being surprisingly friendly, and the success of either tending to indirectly benefit the other through raised cultural awareness, the pair are a long way from the relative bitterness of the 1980s.

Hardcore fans of the two comic book icons tend to be a little more vehement in their opinions, however. While the vast majority of the comic book audience can see the value in both — and in large part consider themselves fans of Marvel and DC — the more vocal extremities of the comic book-loving spectrum are usually a whole lot more partisan.

Which is probably why...

Some DC Fans Are Claiming That Disney Bribed Critics To Slam 'Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice'

If you've perused any reviews for Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice over the past few days, you'll likely have noticed that the critical response was... less than positive. With a (as of writing this paragraph) 33% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the movie didn't quite survive contact with its reviewers.

If you continued down and read the comments on those same reviews, you might also have noticed that the cause of this critical response had, to many fans, nothing whatsoever to do with the film's intrinsic quality. Instead, many claimed, the whole thing was an active conspiracy to crush the movie's box office chances, all orchestrated by Disney (Marvel's parent company).

Indeed, a brief glance at Twitter reveals a small movement of conspiracy theorists who see the negative response to Batman v Superman as nothing more than pre-meditated bias...

...which they dilligently expressed their frustration with...

...(with some taking that frustration further than others):

The only problem?

There Is Absolutely No Evidence Of Critics Being Bribed To Give 'Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice' Bad Reviews.

And, what's more, there's not really all that much advantage to be gained by Disney in it receiving them. After all, the chances of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or Star Wars franchise's box office receipts going up as a result of a failure on DC's part seem slim, whereas a critical mauling for a major comic book release could easily result in wider dissatisfaction in superhero cinema. That particular rising tide would sink all ships, not just DC's.

All of which is probably why the Twitter-based response to the controversy was tongue in cheek:

Indeed, often gloriously so...

...and occasionally laced with some fantastic old school movie references:

A response that is currently being supported by box office predictions, seeing as it looks as though Batman v Superman is going to make a veritable crap-ton of money in its opening weekend.

The main takeaway from all of that? Well, I'll leave that to acclaimed comic book scribe Dan Slott...

Truer words are seldom spoken...

What do you think, though?


Was I paid by Disney to write this article?

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