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"The next installment of the "Fast & Furious" series where the team goes back in time to race Hitler!"

Erm. Oof.

A crowd-funding page has been set up to kick-start a Nazi themed Fast & Furious spin-off called Fast Nein: The Fast and the Führer and needless to say it's as ridiculous as it is offensive.

The episode, which would see the F&F team venture 'back in time to race Hitler,’ is the brain fart of one Jordan VanDina and features cameos from The Expendables, Donald Trump, The Terminator and Doc Brown. Oh and you'd get a fill of Hitler's micro-peen too, because why the fuck not.

Here's a visual:

In Fast Nein you're also treated to Vin Diesel stopping 9/11 and Nick Fury popping out of the Avengers helicarrier to warn us that Donald Trump is a Demi-God in 2025. How Marvelous.

To save you a lot of effort, you can read the final scene below:

Or if you're into the effort, you can read the whole thing here.

The 70 page script which VanDina uploaded to crowd funding site IndieGoGo three days ago aims to collect $100,000,000, but thankfully (and obviously), it's all a bit of a joke. He doesn't actually want any money — and that's probably just as well seeing as Fast Nein has collected a measly $277 since its upload, despite being on the front page of Reddit.

The post is accompanied by the disclaimer,

“This campaign has no affiliation with Universal or anyone involved in the Fast & Furious franchise,” he says in a disclaimer.

“I also have no power or authority to make this movie. Please don’t donate to this but feel free to read the script.”

And 'feel free' people did. And then predictably took to Reddit to pun the living shit out of it.

Like so:

If you're in the mood to throw your money to the wind you can pledge your support here.

In other news: Fast & Furious 8 is due out in 2017, hopefully with no Stalin'.

Would you watch 'Fast Nein'?

Source: Reddit, indiegogo


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