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The Holy trinity together, at last.
The Holy trinity together, at last.

Batman VS Superman.

If you have not seen the movie, I recommend you not read any further. But if you're a curious cat, don't hate me for what you're about to read.

Definitely a movie I thought would bring the DC universe back to life considering Marvel has completely left DC Comics in the dust with blockbuster hits and an outstanding place in the box offices, especially with Marvel's recently released movie, Deadpool.

And at this point, Marvel still takes the cake.

I can definitely say that Zack Snyder did a poor job at portraying this story and I am heavily disappointed.

Why you ask?

The first hour of the film was poorly constructed and kept jumping all over the place. The amount of flashbacks and jumping around this movie does can easily get a reaction out of an Epileptic.

This film did not even have a set story line so I honestly do not understand what this movie was supposed to be about.

You would think it would be about Batman prepping for his fight against Superman but that's slightly true. Sorry to disappoint, but the fight between these two only lasts for about five minutes of the film.
Then Batman is all like, "Oh lord, our mothers share the same name? I don't want you to lose yours like I lost mine."

(Honestly, the first thought that came to me was, "Martha? Why are you talking about my mother? Are we related? Where is she!"
Yeah, my mind tends to wonder like that)
When Batman needs to signal Batman. Wut
When Batman needs to signal Batman. Wut

Batman VS Superman? More like, "Let's try to fit in everyone's background stories and rush straight into Justice League".
I get it. The Justice League movie is supposed to be a thing.
But can we continue to try to develop this movie? No?

Well damn Daniel, fine.

While the first hour of the movie moves in chronological order, it just does not make sense and will easily confuse even the biggest DC fan.
Yes, we all know how Bruce Wayne became Batman: Dead parents, blah blah blah.
And there was not an introduction for Superman, but rather what appeared to be Superman fighting against alien life forces that destroy a city that Bruce Wayne happened to be located at. No character development (except for Bruce Wayne) is made in this movie but I am just going to assume that Snyder thought we would know everything about the character's, anyways. The only development with Superman was what the people in Metropolis wanted to do to Superman after the damage and fear he caused them. He had no true role in the story except to not die at the hands of Batman but by Doomsday. As far as I can understand, I have to admit that I do love Ben Affleck as the new Dark Knight; but it is safe to say that the first half of the film was a complete mess.

I mean seriously. Why bother showing Robin's outfit and never showing reference to it ever again?
and no appearance or cameo by the Joker? What even.

Why does this exist??
Why does this exist??

The second half wasn't the greatest but it slightly made up for the first terrible hour that I had to sit through the movie.

The Knightmare sequence in which we see Batman wearing the trench coat and in the end, being captured by Superman goes nowhere and is played off as a bad dream that Bruce has that encourages him to seek justice against Superman. The sudden arrival of Diana Prince does not entirely make sense but the arrival of Wonder Woman was and is probably the best part of the entire movie.

And do not get me started on Lex Luthor.

Jesse Eisenberg may not have been a great Lex, but he could have definitely pulled off the Riddler. And that's exactly who I thought he was portraying.
Lex Luthor was played off as "ecstatic" and "Quirky". While being psychological was an interesting trait for Luthor to possess, the way Eisenberg portrayed Luthor did not fit the character. It is unclear as to why Lex tries to bring Batman and Superman together in order to fight or what drove him to bring Doomsday to life but his overall goal was to, of course, get rid of the Superman.

The "X" certainly makes sense.
The "X" certainly makes sense.

There were definitely one too many hallucinations and dreams coming from both Batman and Superman throughout the movie. Were they on drugs and if so, can I have what they're having?

The only thing that I absolutely thought was hilarious is accepting the idea that BATMAN KILLS.

And if you know Batman, it's something he's always been against.

"Ahh no, he's not dead, he's just sleeping."

Batman pretty much becomes the Punisher in this movie and honestly, I do not like it. Isn't a gun what killed Mr. and Mrs. Wayne, anyways? He vowed vengeance, not murder. I'm pretty sure Batman is Bruce Wayne, not Jason Todd.

Though if we want to talk about the "best parts" of the movie, the appearance of the Batmobile had to be one of the coolest scene's as it totally reminded me of the Batmobile design from Batman: Arkham Knight. The fact that the new and improved Batmobile design is practically a tank was definitely pretty awesome to witness.

And Wonder Woman. As Diana Prince, she was gorgeous but Gal Gadot didn't sell it to me. As Wonder Woman? She definitely brought out the warrior in her.

You can tie me up with your lasso any day, honey.
You can tie me up with your lasso any day, honey.

The battle between Doomsday and the Holy Trinity? Frickin' Phenomenal.
But CGI could have done better with Doomsday.
But still, the Holy Trinity together at last on the movie screen.

So should you see this movie?

If you like being bored and tempted to not walk out of the theater for the first hour, sure.

If you're just anticipating the fight scene between Batman VS Superman and the involvement of Wonder Woman? You'll have to wait an hour and a half but you'll be served justice.

Personally, this movie isn't worth the time.

Some people actually really liked the movie.

I don't get it.

But if you're truly curious and would love to see it yourself, I say go for it.

My rating?

2 Buzzkills out of 5.


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