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Every flapping, splashing Magikarp will one day blossom into a breathtakingly badass Gyarados, and this fan art suggests that they know their noble destiny from day one.

Artist Cesar Ian Muyuela from the Philippines has rustled up some stunning depictions of diminutive starter Pokémon paired with the amped-up fighting machines that they are predetermined to become.

Squirtle And Blastoise

Squirtle looks totally hydro pumped to see the Blastoise looking back at him in the crystal ball.

Bulbasaur And Venusaur

Bulbasaur was recently named as Poké-producers Junichi Masuda's pick of the bunch, and from this smug face, he knows all about it.

Charmander And Charizard

From a Heat Wave of cuteness to a Flamethrower of badassery, Charizard knows he won't stay small for long.

Magikarp And Gyarados

The only reason I can think that Magikarps aren't suicidal is that they know better things are in store.

Mew And Mewtwo

Someone's been shredding it at the gym.

If you guys like this artwork, be sure to check out Cesar's amazing renditions of everyone from Harley Quinn to Daenerys HERE!

Which Pokémon do you think makes the biggest evolutionary jump?

(Source: CloudytheRaikou via Deviantart)


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