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Arrow and Daredevil. Although unfair, the comparison between the two shows is inevitable. Two powerless vigilantes trying to protect their city no matter the cost, while operating outside the law. Their profiles are very similar but this is were their resemblance stops.

Daredevil airs on Netflix, is part of the MCU and thus benefit from a much bigger budget. Airing on The CW, Arrow doesn't have as much support from Warner Brothers but it doesn't excuse everything. Season 2 of Daredevil was released a few weeks ago and it is now hard to avoid comparing the two shows while watching Arrow.

Even if the CW's show will never reach the quality of the Devil of Hell's Kitchen, a very few simple things could break the vicious circle in which Arrow locked itself.

Better Fight Scenes

A lot of people think that Oliver's "no kill" rule partly killed the show but that's not the case. As far back as I can remember, Matt Murdock also live by the exact same credo. All Arrow needs is a little more audacity with its fight scenes.

I would never ask Arrow's producers to give the show its own hallway scene. I'm well aware that the show would struggle to shoot such a difficult scene. However, Arrow once was capable of greatness, and when you look back one could wonder how we ended up here.

Less episodes

This critic does not only apply to Arrow but the show would clearly benefit from less episodes and more focus on its main storyline. The show automatically struggles when it comes to fillers and the quality of the show find itself significantly brought down.

It is surely a matter of money for the network but anyway, 16 episodes would be a perfect number for the show. On the CW, The 100 does it perfectly and it works for the better. So why not Arrow?

A Better Focus On Its Ensemble Cast

One of Daredevil's main strength throughout its 2 seasons was its ability to not only rely on Matt but on all its cast. The first season had almost two lead characters with Matt and his main antagonist, Wilson Fisk.

Giving more focus to less pivotal characters only adds more credibility to the world you're trying to build. Furthermore, if Damian Darhk had even half of the screen time Fisk had, it would have add way more depth to his character.

Diggle had the spotlight a few times, Laurel is supposed to be the Black Canary but she's mostly inexistant and we see Felicity way too often. Seeking to attain a balance between those characters would be the best advise to give to the show.

Those elements are the one that struck me the most. If you have other ideas in mind, feel free to leave them in the comment!

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8/9c on The CW.


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