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Xbox One owners can play Dark Souls 3 right now using this cheeky region swap trick!

Dark Souls 3 went live in Japan yesterday and they certainly are making us gamers in the west extremely jealous. However, some crafty devils have figured out a nifty way to trick their Xbox One game systems into allowing the purchase of the iconic title.

Basically, you buy the Japanese version of the game – select English in the set up menu and play as normal. Simple enough by the sounds of it.

How to play Dark Souls 3 on your Xbox One right now

So, according to user feedback that I have found so far the best way of doing this is to follow CalebKieth’s method found on Reddit.

The small print

As always, when delving around backstage within your Xbox One trying to exploit certain loopholes the developers and hardware manufacturers can get a little funny. But, In this case, Microsoft have kind of said that they are aware of what is going on, they don’t like it - but whatever.

“Although Xbox One games are not region locked, which means there are no technical limitations that would prevent them from being used in any country, Microsoft does not condone importing Xbox One games outside of official launch markets.”

A response from Microsoft to Kotaku however, may ease any reservations you may have. A Microsoft spokesperson has stated that at this time, they are not interested in disciplining any die hard western Dark Souls fans that download the game early via the Japanese market place.

Is that a green light from the mean green gaming machine? I’d say so.


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