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The day has finally come to see Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice but you're probably worried if its truly any good. I mean the film has been one of the most polarizing films that I've seen in quite a while. There's the group that absolutely hates it and then there's the ones who can't stop praising it. I myself am in the latter and truly believe its been harshly treated by the people who hated it. Is this movie a perfect film at all? It absolutely isn't but for a start for the DCEU it truly serves its purpose and has some pretty good stuff worth mentioning. I decided to give you 5 reasons to go out and watch this movie so lets start. Before we begin I would like to add that there's no need to worry as i will keep this spoiler free.


Batman is on this list for many reasons and one of them being that I truly believe Ben Affleck is the Batman we all wanted. This Batman feels like a mixture of the animated series, Arkham games, and The Dark Knight Returns Batman. All of those three Batman have been highly regarded as the definition of The Caped Crusader in the past and present. Batman is the most brutal we have seen him ever be and he also delivers terror unlike anything he's ever been in before. This is the Batman that you read about truly striking fear into criminals and will use all his resources available to get the upper hand. The scenes in which we see Batman in action were jaw dropping and really make you wish a solo Batman film with Affleck was right around the corner.


The initial reaction to Gal Gadot's casting as Wonder Woman was a pretty mixed one with many people hating her "petite" appearance. I was never against her being Wonder Woman and let me tell you she's going to prove all the nay sayers wrong. Wonder Woman was perhaps one of the most electrifying moments in this movie and when you see it you'll know what I mean. Wonder Woman stole every scene she was in and the way she is presented in the film when she is will give you goosebumps. In the likes of Ben Affleck being the true Batman I also believe this role was made for Gal. I bet you will be anxiously awaiting her solo film next year after you leave the movie.


I probably won't be able to speak much about this without giving out any spoilers from the film but ill try my best. I won't spoiling anything for you so don't worry about reading anything you don't already know. Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice as we all know from the title is the start of something new. I wont go much more into that as you'll just have to see how it truly is the Dawn Of Justice. This film also had to lay the foundation for the future of the DCEU and open the doors for whats to come. It accomplishes that and so much more by throwing in so many Easter eggs and references that will leave you in awe as to how much they are doing. If you're excited about the Justice League before seeing this film then get ready to take the excitement into overload after seeing it.


A soundtrack can either make or break a film because whats a good scene without the proper music to elevate it. Batman V Superman accomplishes just that by taking an already epic scene and intensifying it ten times with the soundtrack. It is a collaboration by the always brilliant Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL that just has so many moments in it that are just beautiful and inspiring. I left the theater wanting to listen to this soundtrack over and over because it had done its job in making me feel the emotions I needed to in various scenes. If you loved The Dark Knight trilogy soundtrack then you are in for a treat with this soundtrack! It's the perfect blend of upbeat, dark, epic, and all around amazing.


The epic confrontation of course had to be listed and let me emphasize the epic part about it once more. It is the thing that childhood dreams are made out of ever since Frank Miller pitted the two in The Dark Knight Returns. The fight that we have only seen in snippets from the trailers is one of the biggest nail bitters in the movie. When you see it in all its context you'll know what I mean. It's one of those moments that knows exactly how much to deliver and hold back to make it that much more exciting for the audience. The anticipation to this fight is big and when it finally comes you'll be on the edge of your seat just watching these two icons go at it. I mean isn't this what you wanted to see from a movie called Batman V Superman? You definitely will get it and so much more trust me

Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice the latest movie to polarize audiences everywhere is it a must see? I truly believe it's a movie that is getting unfairly criticized because it's setting out to do so much. It is the start of a new cinematic universe that I have a a lot of faith in. The film has some gorgeous sequences, amazing soundtrack, and so many surprises to keep you on the edge of your seat. In conclusion if you're still skeptical about Batman V Superman I hope the list I provided help to ease the choice of whether or not to see this movie.



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