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There were a lot of groups to keep track of in this week's episode of The Walking Dead, and as a result a lot of intense shit went down! There's no doubt about it, Episode 15, "East" has set up one hell of a Season finale!

"East" took us on a wild journey from the mysterious and ominous opening concerning Carol, to that horrific ending with the camera being covered in Daryl's blood. Back in Alexandria the town is preparing for a showdown, however with half of the most capable fighters outside the walls it's not exactly the ideal situation. Carol's whereabouts is totally unknown, Rick is hopefully on his way back to the town, Morgan continues his search and meanwhile Rosita, Daryl, Michonne and Glenn have all been captured. Not to mention that Maggie and her baby seem to be in some serious danger and needs some medical attention ASAP!

My usual '5 Things You Might Have Missed' article will be a little delayed this week, so until then check out the top 4 "WHAT?!" moments from Episode 15 "East."

1. Carl finding Negan's gun

Carl finds a gun in the armoury with Negan's weapon Lucille carved on it
Carl finds a gun in the armoury with Negan's weapon Lucille carved on it

This was just a brief moment right at the beginning of the episode but it was also pretty important.

Following the invasion of the Saviors compound in Episode 12 (and the shoot out in Episode 14) many of the gangs weapons were looted by Alexandria and taken back to the safe zone including the gun we see Carl find in this episode. On the handle of the gun is a little carved picture of a barbed wire wrapped baseball bat, a weapon that comic book readers will know belongs to Negan and is named Lucille.

Basically this pretty much confirms what fans have been waiting for (and know is coming) — Negan is out there and he has a pretty damn savage weapon. Negan will be appearing in the Season finale and when he does, Carl (if he's present) will no doubt immediately realize what this carving was.

2. Carol armed to the gills

Carol prepared for the worst and it was amazing
Carol prepared for the worst and it was amazing

Basically this was just an absolutely stunning moment of genius from Carol.

At the start of the episode I figured she was just repairing or sewing a new lining in her winter coat (after all, by the look of the leaves in Alexandria it seemed as though it was Fall), but by the midway point it was clear what had happened; Carol was preparing for the worst case scenario.

After being caught short in the past, Carol concealed a gun in the sleeve of her coat, and after being given no other choice by the truck of Saviors, she let rip and took down almost all of them! Despite leaving Alexandria because of her reluctance to kill, Carol ended up doing just that, hours after she left.

Carol's whereabouts is now unknown, though hopefully she pulls a Terminus 2.0 and comes to the rescue. Lord knows Daryl, Rosita, Glenn and Michonne could use her help!

3. Morgan's big reveal to Rick

Morgan finally revealed what happened with the Wolf
Morgan finally revealed what happened with the Wolf

After keeping it a secret from Rick for some time, Morgan finally revealed to Rick that he allowed one of the Wolves to live, due to his "all life is precious" mantra, and his belief that people can change. But what was really surprising, was Rick's response to it all — he seems to almost silently accept that Morgan's philosophy might have some worth.

This scene seemed like it was a continuation of the scene between Rick and Morgan in Episode 14, when Morgan told Rick that he built the prison cell to give Rick a choice other than killing. While I'm not sure that Rick entirely subscribed to Morgan's "all life is precious" mantra just yet, I think he's definitely going to mull it over. On the flipside, I also predict that Morgan will have to compromise on his philosophy, and may even end up using that gun that Rick gave him, but only if he has no other choice.

4. Glenn, Michonne and Rosita being captured and Daryl being shot

Rosita and the group were ambushed by Dwight
Rosita and the group were ambushed by Dwight

The last scene of Episode 15 was definitely the most shocking part of the episode, with Daryl and Rosita finding Glenn and Michonne tied up and at the mercy of the Saviors. However, unfortunately for Daryl the Saviors seem to be amazing at hiding themselves, and as the episode ended Daryl was shot, the camera was spattered with blood and the final thing the audience heard was Dwight telling Daryl "you'll be alright."

While I don't believe Daryl has been killed (Dwight's gun seemed to point more toward his shoulder or arm), he has certainly been incapacitated. And with he and Rosita now joining Glenn and Michonne, things don't look good for the group. Luckily there are quite a few individuals out and about who could all come to their rescue. Morgan, Carol and Rick are all outside Alexandria and could potentially come to the groups aid, and there is also the armoured mystery man that Rick and Morgan saw near the barn — is he a Savior or could he help? Personally I think that the armoured man could be a member of another community that we'll be introduced to later on, but that doesn't mean we might not see him return to help our group. Fingers crossed someone steps up to get the group out of this conundrum at any rate!

'The Walking Dead' returns with the Season 6 finale "Last Day on Earth" next Sunday, April 3rd on AMC.


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