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You may well be all caught up in the debate with the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice release and standing on the verge of seeing it with anticipation. However, Ben Affleck may well be fantastic, but personally, I already have my definitive caped crusader in the form of Will Arnett and a miniature figurine. So take the next couple of minutes to check out this teaser trailer, I promise you probably won't be disappointed:


Oh yeah, that's what I'm talking about. Gritty and dark Batman has its place, and it's a good place, but I think it's a great thing that we have our other kind of version. So let's break down why this movie will kick ass:

1) The Cast

Batman has a starring role and you know, that makes every other film pale in comparison because they don't have LEGO Batman, and weren't made by the people that brought us the illustrious Batman and Robin. Even the LEGO movie focused on a different protagonist because it was stupid. So I can't wait to see Bruce Wayne get an unrelated Oscar next February.

2) The Director

As we just discovered, the film will be directed by Batman, and even though he's making his directorial début, I for one couldn't be more excited about seeing what kind of revolutionary style he will bring to the table. With as magnificent a brain like he has, it can only go well for him to tell everyone else how to do their jobs.

3) The Score

Already I can imagine how moved to tears that I will be when I hear the first few beats of the obviously already iconic soundtrack that will easily supersede both Hans Zimmer and Danny Elfman. Even if it's just Batman beat-boxing for an hour and a half, you know it'll beat out anything John Williams has ever come up with.

4) The Writing

Batman being the perfect peak of humanity that he is. It being common knowledge that when honing his detective skills with the League of Assassins he also spent some time becoming the greatest story writer the world would ever see. Just how lyrically poetic and thought-provoking it will be is still unknown, but I reckon it will somewhere in the realm of 10 and 1000 out of 10.

In Short, Batman Batman Batman

He's Batman, you're not. This movie will kick ass, you won't. The End.

Also Batman.


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