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While the cinemas begin to fill and the fight between Batman and Superman turns into a fight over those who love and hate the entire film, there's another film on the horizon that is unlikely to be so polarizing.

That's right! Not enough humour in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice for you? Well you're in luck, because this Batman film is set to be almost entirely comprised of comedy. Set to star Will Arnett as the Dark Knight, and a host of other A-listers as his foes and allies, the Lego Movie spin-off is slated for release February 2017. While the first teaser for the film doesn't give a whole lot away, it's still pretty awesome! Check it out below!

Now, a lot of that is just Will Arnett speaking in his wonderful Bat-voice, however there are a couple of teases about what else we will see in the film!

The Batcave!

Well... duh. One of the most iconic pieces of Batman lore, the cave he dwells in (like a bat) is in every Batman film ever. This version looks huge and chock full of great easter eggs that comic book fans will be familiar with.

Batman Kicking Ass!

Expect to see a whole lot of this in the film. It's hard to see just who this goon is that Bats is fighting with, but if you look closely in the right hand corner those green tubes are reminiscent of Bane! Batman could have his hands full if he has to take on that particular villain, but fortunately he isn't going to have to do it all alone.

The Lego Justice League Are Here!

I have to admit, a huge advantage of it all being Lego is that DC can throw in just about as many cameos as they want without having to spend huge amounts of money on the actors.

That's all for this teaser, so go back to your BvS arguments folks, but remember while you deal with Batfleck's brooding and lack of comedy that there is something much lighter on the horizon.


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