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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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Hey, Wastelanders! Fallout 4's first DLC pack 'Automatron' is finally here, and with its Terminator 2 levels of robotic fury, is shaping up to be pretty badass!

But if you are like me and are planning to lock yourself away over Easter, hiss in the direction of people trying to get you out of your robe and house, and play nothing but 'Automatron', you'd better get in the know about one of the DLC's greatest Easter eggs.

In the lore of FO4, 'Automatron's' main antagonist, The Mechanist, is a character the Silver Shroud is all too familiar with, with the metal loving menace being a past thorn in the hero's side.

Silver Shroud costume
Silver Shroud costume

"So what's this egg then?", I can imagine you're thinking. Well, if you happen to have the Silver Shroud's costume (the silver fedora and suit coat), when taking on the Mechanist you'll be treated to some hilariously OTT superhero dialogue.

YouTuber FluffyNinjaLlama threw together this spoileriffic video for the confrontation between foes, and it's hilarious.

Have a look:

Will you be picking up 'Automatron'?

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