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Sometimes I play video games.
Rob Harris

Seasoned adventurer Lara Croft has faced many diabolical foes throughout her long and storied history; everything from sabre-toothed tigers to a bloodthirsty T-Rex. But a new enemy has risen from the ground, taking a rather familiar form: the zombie.

Cold Darkness Awakened, Rise of the Tomb Raider's upcoming DLC, takes place near a decommissioned Cold War research facility, after the release of a virus begins to take hold of the local grunts. Check out this ominous trailer below:

Cold Darkness Awakened is included as part of the game's season pass, but will also be sold separately after it releases on March 29. No price point has yet been announced, but it will have to be pretty damn expensive if I'm gonna miss out on this undead ice-axe massacre!


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