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Love blood, addicted to gore, in to special effects makeup, made/wrote my first interactive short horror film and a Youtuber @ QUEENKINGSFX.

Life isn’t always what it was supposed to be or what you'd hoped for — but what if you could get the opportunity to make it better? Would you do it? Or would you wait for the moment that things turn around? But what if nothing happens? You can still join us for the interactive short horror film.

How Can You Join Us?

Well, it’s simple. You just accept your deal with the Devil and make the most of it! You follow our rules, our commands and you will work with people. Isn’t that amazing?! Working with people? It’s something that we love to do, especially the tasks that you have to work out together, because it’s all about that "teamwork" baby.

Get yourself a deal with the Devil, do some chores, but be careful, because when you are in it, there is no way back. Choose wisely, think with your brain, not the heart and make yourself proud, but also us, because we will be watching.

What Is The Film About?

It’s a short, but interactive horror film, including the Illuminati, you and others. The short film is about getting yourself a "better life" by doing some tasks for them; but keep in mind, it contains a lot of blood and gore, and you have to do the sickest things to pass the missions.

You can choose your own road thanks to the different options, but be careful, because it is not an easy thing to do. BTW, when you see the Joker pop up, RUN!

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