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The U.S. Government tries to introduce the Superhero Registration Act, but not all of them will agree with that. In one side we have Team Iron Man, which supports the idea. On the other hand, Team Captain America refuses to take part of it. Marvel's civil war is now a reality! And the year is 1966, exactly half a century ago.

Produced by Grantray-Lawrence Animation, the animated series 'The Marvel Super Heroes" was aired by ABC in the late sixties with huge success. It was the first time that audiences could watch Captain America, The Mighty Thor, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk and The Sub-Mariner outside comic books. The final drafts, however, were all based on original drawings made by the iconic Jack Kirby. So how would it be a trailler of civil war was released on this context? Just take a look at this new Darth Blender release.

And you were all thinking that this story is new, huh? The original footage had 65 episodes of seven minutes each, never fully-released on home video. Nostalgic fans will remember the animation, so rudimentary but at the sime time so close to the comics! The truth is that either at the movies or on TV, civil war is one of the most exciting comic books saga's ever. Period.


Captain America

Black Widow

...And Iron Man

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