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Bill Solo

With Batman V Superman being released into mixed reviews (i thought it was awesome, screw Rotten Tomatoes, they gave Spy a 94 but BVS a 41? like, for crying out loud).

And with Suicide Squad ready to take the big screen in August, there's one movie that i bet you're excited about: Wonder Woman.

The Amazonian's first solo film is already on the way, and a sweet new image has just been revealed showcasing the goddess (Gal is a goddess) and the other women of Themyscira.

Doesn't that look bloody awesome? Well, it bloody does, and i do think this movie is gonna make a lot of WW fans happy, and i just cry tears of joy when thinking of a WW movie coming to a reality. That badass beauty deserved a movie all along.


Are You Excited About Wonder Woman


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