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Warning, this post is dark and full of spoilers.

I'll warn again, if you're not caught up with the Game of Thrones series or books, STOP READING NOW!!!!............

Ok so here we go, GoT left us last season with more heartbreak then I've ever experienced as I watched my beloved favorite character fall to his own brothers. Yes, as far as we know now we must accept that Jon Snow is dead. But this post isn't about Lord Snow, this post is about his sister Sansa (believed to be sister or cousin depending on your theory beliefs). The end of season 5 saw Sansa Stark escaping Winterfell and the clutches of Ramsay Bolton. She escaped with the help of Reek a.k.a Theon Greyjoy, they decided it was best to either die or get out by jumping from with walls of Winterfell into the snowbanks below.

Now Some of you book readers out there are familiar with a particular character from House Stark who died but reappeared sometime later to seek a rather badass and much deserved vengeance on those who helped in the killing of her family. Yes I am talking about the mighty Lady Stoneheart a.k.a Catelyn Stark. Fans have been expecting her appearance since season 3, hoping to watch Freys and Lannisters die one by one at the hands of Lady Stoneheart and the Brotherhood without Bannes. But much to our disliking, I don't see a point for Stoneheart to enter now, now before everyone starts sending the death threats let me make myself clear... I would love to see Stoneheart enter the series, I would love to have Michelle Fairley return and seek even more havoc on Westeros, I just don't think the shows plot and story structure has the room for her.

Now this where my question comes, all throughout the shows history, specifc characters and story arcs have been omitted, or picked up by other characters, certain people in the book have been morphed and turned into one character in the show, with si liar qualities of the book version. So could it be possible that Sansa Stark could develop a story line, she finds the Brotherhood without Banners, or they find her with Theon, and Sansa picks up her mothers quest to right the wrongs committed against her family? Sophie Turner had an interview drop recently where spoke of Sansa's story in season 6, saying " This season is about her..... Being a leader rather then just a pawn". Of course this may lead some of us to question should Sansa die in order to be resurrected into the banshee demon looking creature created in the books, or perhaps the show creators could take a different route with her origins, either way I think it would it be interesting to see where else Sansa could go here in her home in the North. Now I don't know about you, but I don't imagine any other groups Sansa could or should be running into, I mean sure she could just be leading the weekend and tormented Theon around the north, searching for any ally, perhaps even Brienne? But we all know who our lady of Tarth runs into during her northern adventures, the same people I'm speculating Sansa to take lead of, and become the badass, Frey hanging, Lannister slaying, Stark Revenging killer that her mother is portrayed as in the books, but hey it's all just theory!


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