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WARNING: Spoilers ahead for 'The Walking Dead' comic and TV series. Do not read on unless you have seen Episode 15, 'East.'

This week's episode of The Walking Dead started with a shiver-inducing cold opening and continued the tension right through the episode until the last second.

Episode 15, "East," was the penultimate episode of Season 6 of The Walking Dead and it really set up a number of things for the finale. Firstly, we have Carol and Morgan alone and outside the walls, secondly we have Rosita, Glenn, Michonne and a wounded Daryl captured by Dwight and the Saviors, and finally we have Maggie and her baby urgently in need of medical attention. Despite so many important people being outside the walls, it seems even more will leave in the finale to take Maggie to Dr. Carson at the Hilltop. As many will have guessed, this is where the gang will likely run into Negan and his Saviors, and some serious shit will go down.

But enough of what will happen next week! Aside from obvious things this week, what else was sprinkled throughout this action-packed installment? See for yourself in the five things you might have missed in The Walking Dead Episode 15, "East."

1. Have the seasons possibly changed?

This might seem like a weird little detail to pick up on, but the trees in Alexandria seemed noticeably colorful in "East" and it got me wondering whether or not the seasons in The Walking Dead were finally changing.

Rick in the snow in Issue 86
Rick in the snow in Issue 86

Throughout the six seasons of the show, it seems to have mostly been set during spring or summer. While this makes sense from a production point of view (the show is primarily filmed during summer, and it's also much easier to shoot in sun rather than rain or snow — manmade or otherwise), comic fans will know that there are definitely issues of the comic set during a snowy winter. And, let's face it — seeing frozen walkers lumbering around in the snow would be pretty awesome. Do you think we'll ever see a snowy Alexandria?

2. Did the lyrics in the background hint at Maggie or Glenn's fate?

During the opening scenes of the episode, there was a touching scene of Glenn and Maggie in the shower. While it was pretty cute to see the pair acting as a regular couple, in the background "It's All Over" by Johnny Cash played while they showered and the lyrics seemed quite ominous. Firstly we heard:

I was broken in a million little pieces
It's all over, it's all over

Followed by:

Every minute that you cry for her is wasted don't you know
It's all over, it's all over, so forget her
Stop your cryin' turn around and let her go, let her go, boy, let her go

Whoa, right? Basically this sounds a lot like either Maggie or Glenn could be possible candidates for Negan's bat. Not to mention there was also this lingering shot as Glenn, Rosita and Michonne left Alexandria. Have Glenn and Maggie laid eyes on each other for the last time? After all, in the next episode it looks as though Rick and co. will need to take her to Hilltop to see Dr. Carson, meaning it's unlikely Glenn will return in time to see his wife before she goes.

Maggie watches Glenn drive away
Maggie watches Glenn drive away

3. Are Rick and Michonne the Adam and Eve of the apocalypse?

This symbolic moment of naked Rick and Michonne eating an apple was cleverly picked up by Redditor seatbeltfingers.

The Walking Dead has made many, many biblical references in the past, so the idea that this scene was a nod to the Book of Genesis totally fits in line with the show. I mean, Rick's gun is even a colt python — how perfect is that (resisting urge to make any other kind of snake joke...).

The scene could be a nod to a couple of things. First symbolizing the fall of man would also nicely fit in with the finale episode next week in which a main character will likely die. After all, after eating the apple Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden, and Adam then received a "death oracle." While it may not be Rick who dies next week, this scene definitely indicated that someone inside their Garden of Eden (Alexandria) will. Alternatively it could also be a nod to the fact that Rick and Michonne will be the ones to lead the rebirth of humanity.

Additionally, I also enjoyed the clever little mention of Jesus in an episode that screened on Easter Sunday. Touché.

4. We may have met a character from a new community

Could this man be from the Kingdom?
Could this man be from the Kingdom?

Now this was just a small part of the episode, but I have a feeling it was a taste of things to come.

After Morgan and Rick stumbled upon a farmhouse full of fairly freshly zombified people, they have a brief stand off with an unseen man who yells that he's just looking for his horse. As the walkers close in, the man sprints off and Rick tries to shoot him, only missing due to Morgan pushing him out of the way. Because of all the Saviors in the area during this episode, it's a reasonable assumption to make that this man is also a member of the Saviors. However, there's another equally likely theory: The man was a member of another community called The Kingdom.

A survivor from The Kingdom in Issue 108
A survivor from The Kingdom in Issue 108

For non-comic readers, The Kingdom is another community of survivors, much like Hilltop or Alexandria. The Kingdom is lead by an enigmatic leader named Ezekiel (who has an actual pet tiger named Shiva) and is introduced in Issue 108 of the comic series. But why do I suspect that this mystery farm house man was a resident of The Kingdom? Because of his choice of protection and transport. In the comic series the scouts for the Kingdom use horses and also wear armor-like protective gear, which looks very, very similar to what the mysterious man in "East" was wearing. Wherever he comes from, I doubt we'll see any more from this man for the rest of Season 6, but in Season 7 I suspect we'll see him or others like him come out of the woodwork. Do you think we met a member of a new community?

5. Maggie went full comic style

Maggie got a little close to her comic book counterpart in "East" when she enlisted the help of Enid to cut her hair into a shorter 'do. Over the last few seasons Maggie's hair has grown longer and longer, so it was quite cool to see a return to the character's original look.

"East" also served to show another relationship in the TV series was matching up with a comic relationship. In the comic series, Glenn and Maggie are adoptive parents to Carol's daughter Sophia, and since early Season 6 it seems as though Enid might be taking Sophia's place in the TV series. At first it was Glenn who formed a bond with the teen, but now the second half of Season 6 seems to be focused on Maggie and Enid. Enid choosing to take over Maggie's shift so she could put up her feet and eat some pickles was particularly sweet, and an indication that she's realized that she once again has people in her corner.

Bonus: Daryl isn't dead

Dwight shooting Daryl
Dwight shooting Daryl

Daryl getting shot is definitely not something that you missed, but I felt that I needed to add this in just to calm any panic that some of you might be feeling.

While we definitely saw Dwight shoot Daryl, and the camera was definitely covered in his blood, judging by the angle of the gun, Daryl was probably struck in his shoulder. Dwight telling Daryl "you'll be alright" was just more confirmation that our beloved redneck is OK, albeit slightly wounded. After all, earlier in the episode we saw one of the Saviors get hit in the shoulder by Carol and walk it off.

'The Walking Dead' returns with Episode 16, "Last Day On Earth" on Sunday, April 3 on AMC.


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