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Bayonetta & Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance devs PlatinumGames are back up to their old tricks by taking yet another fairly obscure IP* and making something amazing with it, and this time it's our heroes in a half shell's turn to be given the "Good Game" treatment.

They're baaaack
They're baaaack

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan is a whole new tale of the Brother's Turtle, written by IDW's Tom Waltz (who is also writing the TMNT comic series).

The brawler takes part in various open world areas across New York, and will pull from a list of different missions for you to take part in -- which means increased replayability as each time will be different.

The game also includes some pretty intense looking co-op, as you and 3 other buddies will don the iconic headbands of the Turtles and kick various mutant goons all over Platinum's iteration of The Big Apple. But what's most interesting about this is the strategic element the game commands.

Each turtle has their own ability and special move that, when used in conjunction with the others, can cause serious battle damage.

The game will be dropping on May 24th, and will be available on PS3, PS4. Xbox 360, Xbox One and Steam, of course.

*And I say obscure because it's been ages since we've had a super good Turtles game!


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