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Tsū is an online social networking service founded in October 2013. Tsū was created by Evacuation Complete, LLC, a Texas corporation, which was founded on February 7, 2008. Founders of Evacuation Complete are Sebastian Sobczak, Drew Ginsburg, and Thibault Boullenger, and the site is headquartered in New York City. Tsū is open to new users via invite.


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Like Facebook, after registering to use the site, users may create a personal profile, add other users as friends, exchange messages, post status updates and photos, and receive notifications when others update their profiles.[4] Tsu differentiates itself from competitors by allowing its users to maintain ownership of the content they post.

The inspiration for Tsū came from the story of Ed O'Bannon, the lead plaintiff in O'Bannon v. NCAA, an antitrust class action lawsuit against the National Collegiate Athletic Association regarding the association's use of the images of former student athletes for commercial purposes.

Tsū has been compared extensively to Ello, a contemporary social network that rejects selling advertisements at all; Tsu's approach is to instead embrace the fact that your social media content has value and, via a YouTube-like rev-share, distribute ad revenue fairly amongst users based upon their viewership.

In September 2015, Facebook banned any mention of Tsū from its platforms,[8] saying that Facebook users had been reporting it as spam. Tsū speculated that this move may have been motivated by fear of competition. In December 2015, Facebook lifted the prohibition

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