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I love DC – I grew up with DC – I love the characters the plots and the darkness of some of the characters. I couldn't relate to Marvel when I was young - but had a respect for it. I am a massive Batman fan – I was a Batman fan when it wasn't trendy, but weird – and I will always be a Batman fan.

Over the past 10 years – we have witnessed some extraordinary sights of Movies and TV series from DC – Like Green Lantern!

I know some of you think that Nolan’s Batman is awesome – it’s not the best – and from the comic book to the big screen it’s probably the worse – its full of massive plot holes for one, and Christian Bale my fellow Welshman is wooden in places. Fight scenes looked laboured and don’t get me started on the fight scene between Batman and Bane in TDKR.

I know it was bringing Batman to the real world – and for that we must respect. It created one of the best Jokers ever – with Heath Ledger. Who out preformed Christian Bale in “The Dark Knight”.

Smallville went on for 10 years, and only once we hear a mention of Batman by Chloe when she got back from her travels. Would have been good to see a spin off or 2 from that universe – thus being able to re-use Tom Welling – despite the movie franchise.

The point I am trying to make is the DC Movie world /TV world has no continuity. We are now – looking forward to some sort of Continuity with BVS and Justice league coming next year – with Suicide Squad and wonder woman to look forward too… Wooop! At last…


What has Marvel done?

They have from the top to the bottom created a universe that expands the Big screen to the small screen – You know when you’re watching Dare Devil that somewhere in that universe – Spider-man is a roof top away. You’ll never get to see him. But the possibility are there – and that’s the exciting thing about an encompassed universe.

Truly converted me into a Marvel fan - but on TV & Movies.

You could in theory drop agents of Shield into Jessica Jones and Luke Cage into the next Iron Man Movie (If there will be one?) – who knows? But their ability and possibilities are there, we are limited by imagination.

You can’t really do that with Arrowverse? You can’t take arrow into the DC Cinema – because they have already cast a new Flash – We will be seeing Flash on Supergirl – how that will work? Earth-2 or Earth-3? Or same universe?

How cool was it when Constantine rocked up on Arrow! That was spot on – and truly made the inner geek in me say “we need more of this!!!!” this is what was awesome about comics - seeing other hero's join forces.

And don’t get me started about Gotham – my god that is an opportunity waiting to happen for any of the above DC worlds – but we know it won’t come.

But you can't take any of these Characters into the DC movie world.

We've lost Amanda Waller, Dead Shot - will we be losing The Flash in 2018? Because the Movies need these Characters. Who else will be going?

You can talk about Multi-verses all we want - we all know that DC movies are going to be one universe for the foreseeable - thus cock blocking the TV world.

I think there is a great opportunity now – to do at least one series on a different network or Netflix type platform for a TV series that is linked to the Movie Universe before its too late – They could start with Nightwing? And maybe do a Young Justice spin off series, which are all linked to the movies – then have them in the last Justice league movie alongside Batman/Superman/WW - Like we are all hoping will happen in the last Avengers movie.

Would you liked to have seen a DC world like Marvels – with continuity between the movies and TV?

Marvel have done an awesome job – I hate to say it – strategically – they need to copy Marvel?

What do you think?


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